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In 2020, we extended our portfolio of highly automated TBA core cutting lines with our standardized GEORG precisisoncut TBA300 robotline.
Learn more about the customer’s investment decisions for automated core manufacturing, from one of our longstanding customers and proud future owner of a new TBA300 robotline, Norsk Transformator AS.

“Our production facility is located in Steinkjer, 120 kilometers north of the city Trondheim, in Norway. Here we have been producing transformers since 1950. We cut and pack our cores ourselves, but we also buy some pre-packaged cores, to reach the required volume.
Today's cutting line is a GEORG Maschine that was installed with us in 2005. Originally produced in 1985, it was admitted to GEORG for refurbishment and automation of package function.
Even with all these years in operation, the machine appears to be full-fledged, and it will continue to work with us.

Since it was installed, it has run two to three shifts per day/night.

We have always had close and good cooperation with GEORG, and we have had a service agreement with GEORG on this machine. GEORG has followed up and kept the machine running, with maximum uptime.

When investing in a new machine GEORG was clearly our first choice. We wanted a fully automated cutting line and found this product at GEORG. Follow-up of our wishes and specifications in the purchasing process has been fantastic, and we are just looking forward to having the new machine delivered, installed and operational.
We have no doubt that GEORG has the best products and solutions for clipping core glances. Now that we choose a fully automated machine, with automatic gaze feeding, as well as robotic core packing, we are confident that we will get the help and support that we need during the start-up and operational phase. We look forward to continuing our good cooperation with GEORG.”

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Successful commission of TBA400 at Lemi

TBA400 with high-speed configuration at our long-standing customer Lemi Trafo JSC.

Together with one slitting line which was put into operation a few weeks ago, the new TBA400 expands Lemi's machine park and supports their growth strategy.

The benefits of pin stacker technology for the distribution transformer production can also be gained from a Transformer Magazine article 'Demand driven core production' we published recently.

Finally, a special congratulations to our technicians and also to our customer’s employees for carrying out the commissioning in record time.

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The GEORG team congratulates MCB to the companies 80th anniversary!

With great esteem we look upon the successfuf development for so many years. For sure this is not self-perpetuating but it is based on people who proceed with courage, persistance, power to innovate and enthusiasm.

We are grateful that we could contribute a little bit to such success with our products and services. Also in the future we will stand by side MCB as their reliable partner.

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Two slitting lines are upgraded with automatic separation systems.

Tata Steel "Multisteel" has commissioned us to equip two slitting lines with automatic separating systems. We are very pleased about this retrofit order, which brings many advantages for the operation of a slitting line with our patented positioning system for separating discs.

Thank you Tata Steel "Multisteel for your trust.

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