Conversion of a slitting shear

At our customer Al Ezz Dekheila Steel in Alexandria, Egypt

For a conversion order at our customer Ezz Steel, our service team traveled to Alexandria in February to hold final design discussions and check the installation conditions on site.

In this conversion, we are installing a new GEORG slitting shear in an existing slitting line for hot strip with a strip thickness of up to 10 mm in order to significantly improve the cutting quality of this line.

Furthermore, the new slitting shear provides significantly greater stability, enabling us to produce more slits at the high strip thickness than with the existing slitting shear.

We would like to thank our customer Ezz Steel for their trust in GEORG.

If you are also interested in a conversion, please contact our  service team


Macegalia Delegation visited GEORG

Italian company Marcagaglia is the world’s leading independent steel processor with a product range that covers everything from carbon to stainless steel, from long to flat products, from commodity to specialty. During a two-day meeting at our headquarters in Kreuztal, our guests from Marcegaglia's plant in Ravenna were able to find out about the latest trends and developments in the field of finishing lines and roll grinding technologies. Especially our roll grinder CNC control, the GEORG smartcontrol which sets new standards regarding machine operation was one the main points of interest.

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Amod Stampings India

Celebrating more than two decades of trust, Amod Stampings Pvt Ltd (ASPL), a valued customer from India, recently got their third TBA400 ecoline installed, marking yet another milestone in our partnership. ASPL now has a total of 5 systems from us. The seamless installation by Georg in India team, timed just before the new year, underscores their enduring commitment.

Grateful for their trust, we look forward to many more years of collaboration and shared success.

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