Corporate Mission


Let’s make our clients better

GEORG is a technology expert for challenging solutions in coil processing and machine tool building.  Our high-tech products and services ensure the sustainable and economic success of our customers. 

Backed by more than 70 years of market experience we do not only bring our customers to a leading position in technology but also contribute essentially to their economic success.  From planning to development and realization upto logistics and service we stay our customers‘ reliable partner along the value adding chain with high consulting, engineering and service competence. We essentially support our customers to reach decisive advantages in competition, high process reliability and a significant increase in productivity. 


From Machine Builder to Process Optimizer

We combine classic machine building with state-of-the-art digitalization and transform ourselves to a supplier of modular products and intelligent services with a high degree in digitalization and standardization.  

Next to the supply of machinery and production lines we support our customers with intelligent process optimizations. By doing so we improve our machines and lines with an increasing automation level and with digital products and services along the value adding chain of our and their customers as well. Both aspects – our competences in machine building and our competences in digitalization – will help us to expand our market position as worldwide trusted partner in coil processing and machine tool building.  

Think what remains.

Concept: Future

What we have in common is our conviction for corporate sustainability. In the center of our activities are our employees, their passion for technology and our common respect for that what shall remain. Above all that means: respect towards our employees, customers, partners as well as our environment. This we call trust, or  for short “Concept: Future”.

Our Concept: Future with its 5 key elements resembles our definition of sustainability and corporate ethics.

Driving force on our way to a common destination.

Our employees are the most important link to our customers. They define the way to proceed and constantly develop new solutions that contribute to the economic success of our customers and thus also to the economic success of our own company. Solutions which are well engineered and thus technically ahead.

We encourage and support our employees with respect to their onward education and family oriented work planning. The basis is formed by our employee development system as well as our integrated health care and social management system. Just to mention following modules: our Lernwerk (training center), GEORGacademy, our fitness, nutrition and consulting offers as well as the parent-child-office and our children day-care possibilities right next to the company. Flexible working time programs, modern work places and participation in our company’s success complete our commitment towards a sustainable HR policy.

On the other hand we expect a high level of passion and commitment from our employees, as well as a self-determined, forward-looking attitude toward people, technology and our environment.

Entering the road of progress with experience and creativity

Our designers, engineers and specialists not only rely on their knowledge and long experience. The permanent use of actual key technologies helps us to develop progress by creative inventions.

We take care of an intensive exchange with our customers and partners, cooperate with universities and other specialists and invest in our own R&D departments. So we work on the basis for our customer’s future success.

In order to secure the efficient use of resources even with large products we continuously improve our own processes applying modern monitoring technologies. For a sustainable benefit of our customers.

Awareness of that what shall remain.

We are convinced that today it is not only sufficient to react to ecological and economic challenges in order to act sustainable.

Acting sustainable means for us to take over responsibility for all our actions. Who wants to be sustainable must be convinced about what he is doing. This attitude helps us to create sustainable values independent from economic and social developments, for which we keep our brand upright in order to secure the leading position and success of our customers.

The responsible usage of all resources starts with small items. E.g. our electro driven cars, company bikes and reusable salad bowls. Also our longterm company strategy, permanent investment in up-to-date infrastructure, in R&D, in qualification of our employees, modern working surroundings and support of social educational projects indicate our efforts to take-over responsibility and to create sustainable values day by day.

Customer orientation is motivation for our creativity

Ever since the foundation of our company it has been our target to make the work of our customers easier and more successful. Customer benefit in mind  has been the key for our success.GEORG products and solutions stand for quality, production safety and profitability.

To achieve this we have to understand our customers. We communicate a lot, watch their markets and tailor our product and service portfolio accordingly.

Together with our customers we develop well engineered products and technical solutions which secure their leading market position. In our sectors: energy, mobility and industry. The cooperation with GEORG shall offer a sustainable pay-back for our customers.

In order to being close to our customers we have diversified the structure of our organization with specialists at the right place. We are present around the globe and have expanded our service offer, e.g. by founding the GEORGacademy and our investments in new technologies and top employees. This all forms a solid base for a long sustainable partnership.

Confidence towards customers, employees and suppliers

We highly esteem proven and longterm relations. A good cooperation with our suppliers reflects in benefits to our customers as well. We are not keen in short-time actions just for profit reasons.

Good relations can be achieved by living a respectful and fair partnership. Together we are driven by the same motivation: sustainable success. Therefore we include our customers, employees and partners in our decision making processes  and sharpen their understanding for responsible and constructive critics.

To optimize the total costs we concentrate not only on quality, flexibility and reliability but also on dialogue. Transparency creates trust and is the basis for all good partnerships. That’s why we respect each other at the same level.

We work hard every day to improve ourselves. Together we search for solutions to strengthen the competitiveness of our customers and finally we can share our common success. That’s living GEORG partnership.

GEORG values

“mit uns technisch überlegen”

This brand claim is motivation for all our activities. A claim for everything we do. A scale to measure us today and in future. To keep this we live our relations in a culture of trust and respect.

For our customers and partners we use precisely our knowledge and abilities to develop technically advanced solutions and  superior results that contribute to economic success.

This target is our motivation for creative solutions sometimes beside the ordinary way but support by experience and a look for the future.

We use our know-how to think in technology, to create innovative solutions and to produce superior products. In order to enlarge our knowledge we combine the following basics:  

  • safety
    for sustainable results
  • progress
    to draw inspiration from our experience to create innovations
  • precision
    to share know-how and to make it useable for everyone

By creating innovative and effective solutions we combine our knowledge with creativity. Still being:

  • flexible
    open for new challenges and requirements, ready to accept new ways and methods
  • value oriented
    to create progress and economic success by creativity
  • with passion
    Investing always a little bit extra for the best possible result

Culture is defined as that what man makes by creativity. This derives as well from our engineering tradition. People shall profit from our work.Therefore our actions are characterized by:

  • responsibility
    for what we are and that what we are doing
  • personal closeness
    and long lasting relations to our employees, customers and partners
  • regular checks
    to verify if our corporate culture and our values are in line and match

We stand for diversity

Being a global acting hightech company in the field of special purpose machinery and plants GEORG offers its customers a wide range of products and services. To achieve this in a customer oriented way we depend on creative concepts and ideas. So it is our strategy to use our different talents of our worldwide operating colleagues to get a multi-angle perspective and ideas to satisfy our customers at any place of the world.

No matter whether employees, customers, suppliers or other business partners we regard the person as a whole and based on our values cooperate in an open, fair and respectful way regardless of nationality, age, gender, worldview, religion or sexual orientation.

This because we all follow the same target to create and manufacture technically leading products. In our in house academy we support this diversity in a strategic way as we regard this as the base of our creative potential.

We want to carry forward the idea of diversity and mutual respect of people all over the world also in our society and worldwide. This is the reason why we have signed the charter of diversity. The charter is an initiative which intends that German companies support the idea of diversity in public. By doing so the common respect and support of values within the German company culture shall be further enhanced.

Corporate policy

Here you will find the principles of our corporate policy

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