TBA 400 eco for MATALEC

Last May, we reached an agreement with our long-standing customer Matelec, a Lebanon-based transformer manufacturer, for the supply of their fifth lamination cutting line. At that time, nobody could have foreseen the unfortunate events and the volatile security situation in the region.

Fortunately, Matelec agreed to assume the task of installation and commissioning at site and sent an engineer to GEORG for training. As the maintenance manager, Anthony El Khoury was already acquainted with the operation and maintenance of the machine.

Therefore, along with the factory acceptance test, he quickly learned the steps from truck unloading to production readiness. Another benefit is the special and compact design of the TBA400 ecoline, which has already enabled many customers to install and commission it on their own.

Since another TBA400 ecoline will soon be manufactured for Matelec's sister company ELICO, in Jordan, Anthony El Khoury (pictured, right) and our sales manager, Markus Söhngen, are already looking forward to meeting again, surely at GEORG, but hopefully soon in Lebanon as well.


The first GEORG Robotline in the USA

GEORG and WEG Transformers USA are very proud to announce the inauguration of the first US installed GEORG TBA 400 robotline at WEG Transformers USA facility in Washington, MO on April 15th, 2024.

The ribbon cutting ceremony was attended by representatives of both companies including our CEO Mark Georg and WEG Executive Management and Board Members from US, Mexico and Brazil.

We are extremely proud and honored having successfully realized this project together with WEG ahead of the originally considered timeframe.

This is another major milestone in the continuation of the unique relationship between our two companies which is based on trust, partnership and common values.

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Macegalia Delegation visited GEORG

Italian company Marcagaglia is the world’s leading independent steel processor with a product range that covers everything from carbon to stainless steel, from long to flat products, from commodity to specialty. During a two-day meeting at our headquarters in Kreuztal, our guests from Marcegaglia's plant in Ravenna were able to find out about the latest trends and developments in the field of finishing lines and roll grinding technologies. Especially our roll grinder CNC control, the GEORG smartcontrol which sets new standards regarding machine operation was one the main points of interest.

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