GEORG protectionworld

Service with real added value

Satisfied customers are not enough. We want to impress them with our efforts.This however can only be achieved by trustful cooperation on all levels. It starts from  planning to realization and service of a customer's project.

The GEORG protectionworld Life Cycle Quality Management offers our customers an alround carefree package for the entire life cycle of their machine or line. Our customers can concentrate or their core business. Hereby we reach our aim to facilitate the work of our partners and to support their success.

Operation costs down, profits up

The GEORG protectionworld Life Cycle Quality Management helps to lower the operation costs of your line significantly and to rise your profit. This we reach by reducing the service related costs:

  • costs due to machine standstill
  • costs for repair
  • loss of profit due to suboptimal productivity

Source: Fraunhofer in Technology Review 04/2012  Total costs of machine tools calculated over 10 years


Axel Sturm

Axel Sturm

Head of BU Service

+49 (0) 2732 779244

Christian Halbe

Christian Halbe

Vice Head of BU Service

+49 (0) 2732 779495