Hitachi Energy orders new GEORG lines for power transformer core production

Hitachi Energy has ordered two new GEORG precisioncut TBA1000 S lines from GEORG for two of their plants.

Both machines will be equipped with the GEORG high speed swing shear, providing highest flexibility in power transformer core design.

One machine will be delivered to the plant in Chongqing, China while the other one is dedicated for the plant in Guarulhos, Brazil.

GEORG is very pleased about the strategic partnership with Hitachi Energy.

These new machines equipped with highly efficient drives contribute to the sustainable development goal of Hitachi Energy to reduce energy consumption and lower carbon emissions with eco-efficient processes.

Hitachi Energy (formerly ABB) now operates about 35 GEORG Step Lap Lamination Cutting Lines  and another 10 machines (such as slitting and corrugated tank wall production lines) supplied by GEORG also dedicated to the transformer production in various plants all around the world.


Amod Stampings India

Celebrating more than two decades of trust, Amod Stampings Pvt Ltd (ASPL), a valued customer from India, recently got their third TBA400 ecoline installed, marking yet another milestone in our partnership. ASPL now has a total of 5 systems from us. The seamless installation by Georg in India team, timed just before the new year, underscores their enduring commitment.

Grateful for their trust, we look forward to many more years of collaboration and shared success.

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Georg supports the expansion of the EasyCore service center

Our customer EasyCore is an up-and-coming service center in Turkey that wants to significantly increase its possibilities and capacities by investing in a GEORG precisioncut TBA 400 ecoline. The customer visited us for the preliminary acceptance of his machine and was trained by us on his new investment. We are proud to support EasyCore in the expansion of their service center.

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