Actual view into the assembly hall of the GEORG transformer lines division.

Countering the Corona crisis with ideas: GEORG invests during pandemic in product development

In times of Corona pandemic worldwide not many companies dare to invest in new machines and lines. Even current orders cannot be processed at all or face problems in completion at customers’ sites around the world due to severe travel restrictions. Corona is braking the economy, also the Kreuztal based high tech company GEORG has been hit by a slack period of incoming orders and workload in spring and has taken measures in several departments like cost reduction and short time work.

Balancing Act between Cost Cutting and Investment

GEORG is doing this with a sense of proportion and dares the balancing act between cost reduction and investments. Already early the GEORG management decided to proceed the chosen way from a pure machine builder to an intelligent process optimizer even more actively during pandemic times. Since spring of this year investments are made in new and further developments of the wide product portfolio.

New Innovation Department thinks in Future Technologies  

It pays well back that GEORG established its own order independent Innovation Department already last year. In this “Think Tank“ at present six design engineers think digital future concepts forward and convert them into solutions together with the engineers of the respective GEORG product divisions.

Already in this year many innovations have been launched in the field of digitalization and could be converted into real products and services. This specially concerns highly sophisticated machines and lines which due to their high degree in automation offer the customers a high degree in efficiency and service with minimum personnel requirement.

 Light at the End of the Tunnel

”For sure, Corona will bother us for a longer time ahead of us. But, we can see light at the end of the tunnel”, states CEO Mark Georg, relying on the first signs that the pandemic caused slack might come to an end soon.

In the recent weeks GEORG could book orders for all product divisions including a significant one from China for several highly automated transformer lines. “This we owe to the trust of our customers into the stability and innovative power from Kreuztal“, states Mark Georg.  

Obviously some companies get ready to invest again. At present all product divisions report about upcoming projects and contracts which makes GEORG look carefully optimistic into the future.  


3D Printing

Sven Helsper, former working student at GEORGinnovation, dealt with 3D printing as part of the additive manufacturing project. His task: Find components that are suitable for additive manufacturing, using a methodology based on filtering and specific criteria.


The opportunities of 3D printing lie in saving manufacturing costs, but also in increasing performance by unifying assemblies. The future application areas of 3D printing are manifold, for example, our customers can benefit from the new spare parts manufacturing technology in GEORG Service.

Products & Innovations
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GEORG autostack 1000

Products & Innovations
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Innovations on the road: The GEORG techwerk.

In the newly founded GEORGtechwerk we put our innovations on the road. We installed two of our own lines, the GEORG ultramill H and the GEORG ultragrind SG 2. This way we can show the interaction of classical mechanical engineering with intelligent process optimization. Using our own lines allows us to not only display our modern measuring technology, but to directly test our innovations on a line that is in operation.

Products & Innovations

"With every order we receive, we constantly advance digitalization, apply the latest technologies both internally and with our products, and offer our customers a wide range of consulting and service solutions."

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"The GEORG ultrablock was very beneficial to us", says Herbert Geier from AMAG

One of our first roll grinding machines with our new GEORG ultrablock machine bed design, the GEORG ultragrind SG 2 has now been commissioned at AMAG in Ranshofen (Austria).

Herbert Geier, Project Manager at AMAG: "The GEORG ultrablock concept was very beneficial to us, as the cost of the foundation is significantly lower than for other machines. Since no modifications whatsoever were required to the standard machine, we also benefited from the short delivery time".

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