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Travel restrictions during the pandemic made it often impossible to visit our customers on site. This also applied to the installation and commissioning of our machines. However, we successfully supported our customers remotely, through our online service.

In Vietnam, we installed two TBA400 eco lines with our Vietnamese representatives and online support from Heinrich GEORG Germany. Our customers are very satisfied with their new machines.

Mr. Thong - Production and Technology Head at Vintec

„Vintec is a newly established and family owned company with 60 employees operating since 2019. Regarding our company size, investing in a GEORG machine is a very big step. Regardless of the big investment, the technology and durability of the GEORG solution has been so impressive that our management thankfully decided to buy a GEORG cutting machine. That investment improved our production quality and productivity almost instantly.

After putting the ecoline into operation in July 2021, we are having to apply the ratio: 1 cutting day - 3 days stacking, to keep up with the cutting capacity of the machine. The core of transformer products cut by the ecoline has a measured loss of 5-12% lower than before.“

Mr. Pham Dang - Production Director at HBT

"We are completely satisfied with GEORG's ecoline cutting machine. It runs quietly and reliably. We have cut over 1.2 million cuts and the burr height are still within satisfaction. Before GEORG‘s ecoline, we could only produce at most 100-120 distribution transformers per month, on average. Last year when we put the ecoline into operation, we produced 300 units per month on average and we set a production target of 600 units /month in 2022."

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GEORG at the AIStech Show in Columbus

The AIStech show in Columbus has begun and we are on site.

Our sales colleagues Tom Giebeler, Jochen Muenker and Thomas Smrekar present GEORG as a high performer for hightech materials.

We look forward to good discussions and can be found on booth number 2354.

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Macegalia Delegation visited GEORG

Italian company Marcagaglia is the world’s leading independent steel processor with a product range that covers everything from carbon to stainless steel, from long to flat products, from commodity to specialty. During a two-day meeting at our headquarters in Kreuztal, our guests from Marcegaglia's plant in Ravenna were able to find out about the latest trends and developments in the field of finishing lines and roll grinding technologies. Especially our roll grinder CNC control, the GEORG smartcontrol which sets new standards regarding machine operation was one the main points of interest.

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