More and more transformer manufacturers invest in automatic core production as a view in our assembly hall in March 2019 proves.

Newly developed GEORG precisioncut TBA 400 robotline

GEORG is proud to present its newly developed GEORG precisioncut TBA400 robotline. With this state-of-the-art Step Lap Lamination Cutting Line including fully automatic stacking feature GEORG provides an impressive proof of its readiness to tap the potentials of digitalization and smart manufactoring.

The GEORG robotline allows the automatic cutting and stacking of up to eight complete (closed) or open transformer cores simultaneously at a minimum manual workforce

and is available in various levels of output – from basic version up to high speed configuration.

Features like the GEORG core editor aim for highest degree of automation in transformer core production and various logistic concepts support the downstream core handling process using for example driverless vehicles.

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GEORG autostack 1000

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Innovations on the road: The GEORG techwerk.

In the newly founded GEORGtechwerk we put our innovations on the road. We installed two of our own lines, the GEORG ultramill H and the GEORG ultragrind SG 2. This way we can show the interaction of classical mechanical engineering with intelligent process optimization. Using our own lines allows us to not only display our modern measuring technology, but to directly test our innovations on a line that is in operation.

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"With every order we receive, we constantly advance digitalization, apply the latest technologies both internally and with our products, and offer our customers a wide range of consulting and service solutions."

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"The GEORG ultrablock was very beneficial to us", says Herbert Geier from AMAG

One of our first roll grinding machines with our new GEORG ultrablock machine bed design, the GEORG ultragrind SG 2 has now been commissioned at AMAG in Ranshofen (Austria).

Herbert Geier, Project Manager at AMAG: "The GEORG ultrablock concept was very beneficial to us, as the cost of the foundation is significantly lower than for other machines. Since no modifications whatsoever were required to the standard machine, we also benefited from the short delivery time".

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A new Baby in the GEORG techwerk

At the GEORG Techwerk, our new horizontal milling machine, the GEORG ultramill H, has a little sister: the GEORG ultragrind. Of course, with our GEORG smartcontrol, it will have the most advanced machine control currently available worldwide. Because we also treat ourselves to the best on the market for our grinding service.

GEORG ultragrind

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