IMPOL relies on GEORG modernisation

Heinrich GEORG GmbH: GEORG modernises Knövenagel scalper at IMPOL Seval

The Serbian plant in Sevojino, which has been part of the Slovenian IMPOL Group since 2002, commissioned Heinrich Georg GmbH to modernise an almost 50-year-old ingot milling machine. The scope of supply includes both a completely new bed table group including the machining table with automatic block clamping device and a new turning device with the associated loading and unloading roller conveyors. IMPOL maintenance chief engineer Vladimir Andric sums up: "Thanks to the new equipment, we can meet our customers' requirements faster and better. All in all, it is a reliable system that saves us time and money. We were also able to increase our capacity as planned."

The background to the modernisation at IMPOL was a necessary increase in capacity of the almost 50-year-old plant due to larger slab dimensions. According to Jan Ebener, Head of Sales Machine Tools at GEORG, modernisations of third-party machines are part of the normal service business, which GEORG bundled last year into a central division that is on a par with the new machine business. "However, such a machine must still have a certain technical basis so that it makes sense for us. When we offer modernizations as a new machine manufacturer, our customers expect the same, very high-quality standards from us that we demand from our new machines." 

During the installation and commissioning of the equipment, it was important to keep the downtime as short as possible so that the machine could go back into operation on time after the rebuild phase. Only through intensive dialogue between IMPOL and GEORG it was possible to keep to the customised schedule. Overall, the maximum possible workpiece weight was increased by 50% as a result of the modernisation measures.

IMPOL is one of the largest aluminium producers in Europe and manufactures aluminium products for the world market in its plants in Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia for the automotive and pharmaceutical industries, the construction and transport sectors and the aerospace industry, among others.

"With about 600 employees, we currently achieve an annual capacity of about 120,000 tonnes here in Sevojino. " reports Jelena Matic, Foundry Manager at IMPOL Seval. "From the very beginning, GEORG, as one of the leading manufacturers of large machine tools, supported us optimally in the entire project. We are completely satisfied not only with the new equipment itself, but also with the integration into the existing plant, as well as with the service. Even during the peak phase of the pandemic, the GEORG technicians and project managers did everything they could to get the equipment up and running on time, so that we were able to achieve the planned production capacity after only a very short ramp-up phase," says Jelena Matic.



Aperam Guegnon, a global player in stainless and electrical steel, has signed a contract with our service team to equip an over 20 year old GEORG slitting line with a new slitting shear. We are looking forward to a good cooperation.

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LTC relies on Georg robotline technology.

This year Georg comissioned two GEORG precisioncut TBA 400 robotlines at LTC in Italy successfully. The lines produce fully automatically complete transformer cores up to 1700mm lamination length and up to 440mm lamination width.

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In our facility located in Roanoke/Virginia our (potential) customers can carry out grinding tests on their own rolls using a state-of-the-art GEORG ultragrind SG 2. This demonstration machine in our Northamerican show room is equipped with the world’s most modern grinding machine control system i.e. the GEORG smartcontrol. At our Roanoke facility, we also manufacture and assemble our smallest roll grinding machines of the GEORG ultragrind SG 1 series. Meanwhile we have supplied more than 100 machines of this type worldwide. From the next bigger series now a GEORG ultragrind SG 2 is ready for demonstration and testing in Roanoke. Convince yourself about the easy operation and performance of the machine in interaction with the modern control system. In case of interest please contact Jochen Münker,

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This week Alejandro from our Mexican service partner Maquitec and Mohan from GEORG in India started their training of several weeks at the Kreuztal headquarter in Germany. Alejandro will support our service team for North America, while Mohan and his Indian colleagues have been working for GEORG for more than 10 years.

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