Robotic core assembly systems. Made by GEORG, driven by Güdel.

Since 2017 GEORG is working in cooperation with Swiss company Güdel on robotic core assembly systems.
With the GEORG autostack product range we do offer various solutions for manufacturers of distribution and power transformer cores.

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The GEORG precisioncut TBA 800 S STA-C

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Safety advantages when using GEORG autostack technology

Stacking and handling materials are tasks that can easily result in cuts or injuries. With our GEORG autostack solutions, the transformer core is stacked completely by the robotic system. As a result, the worker doesn’t have to handle the material manually. Thereby, the GEORG autostack technology significantly reduces the risk of cuts in hands or arms.

Further advantages with the robotic core assembly systems are:

- healthy workers are well-motivated

- higher level of available workers

- stronger identification with, and higher support for, the company

- long term profit

Products & Innovations
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