High Productivity in Electrical Steel

Solutions for a sustainable supply chain

Our products for electrical steel

Roll grinding machines

  • GEORG ultragrind 10
  • GEORG ultragrind 25

Coil processing NGO

  • GEORG precisionslit TRA
  • GEORG precisionpack
  • GEORG inspectionlines

Coil processing GO

  • GEORG precisioncut TBA
  • GEORG precisionslit TRA
  • GEORG ultracorrugation

Your Benefit

  • High Productivity
  • Short Set-up Time
  • Low Man-power
  • Low Maintenance
  • High Energy Efficiency
  • High Work Safety

From flat rolled coil to lamination

GEORG ultragrind
Roll grinding machines

  • Highest accuracy for grinding back-up and work rolls
  • Integrated measuring system
  • Integrated GEORG smartcontrol

Workpiece weight

max. 25 t

Roll diameter

max. 1,500 mm

Roll length

max. 6,000 mm

GEORG precisionslit
Slitting lines for GO / NGO electrical steel

  • Highest capacity
  • Highest flexibility
  • Highest automation combined with highest accuarcy

Coil weight

of up to 6 t / 30 t

Strip width

of up to 1,250 mm / 1,650 mm

Line speed

of up to 140 m/min / 400 m/min

Strip thickness

from 0.10 mm up to 0.65 mm / 1.00 mm

GEORG precisoncut TBA
Cutting lines for core laminations

  • Up to 2 robots for high output
  • Low burr, low loss quality lamination for high quality transformer cores

Strip Width

max. 400 – 1,200 mm

Line Speed

max. 240 m/min

Sheet length range

max. 2,000 mm

More Value

GEORG product

  • Increase in profitability
  • Increase in process reliability

GEORG protectionworld

  • Reduction of operationg costs
  • Increase in the rate of return

GEORG consulting

  • Expansion of competitiveness
  • Technology optimization
  • Process optimization

GEORG digital

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Condition monitoring
  • IoT
  • GEORG dashboard


  • Decades of experience in electrical steel
  • Achieving highest tolerances and quality requirements
  • Highest productivity solutions
  • Highest grade of automation with IoT applications
  • Latest energy saving features
  • Setting new standards for strip monitoring

GEORG protectionworld

Life Cycle Quality Management

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The GEORG precisioncut TBA 800 S STA-C

Products & Innovations

Safety advantages when using GEORG autostack technology

Stacking and handling materials are tasks that can easily result in cuts or injuries. With our GEORG autostack solutions, the transformer core is stacked completely by the robotic system. As a result, the worker doesn’t have to handle the material manually. Thereby, the GEORG autostack technology significantly reduces the risk of cuts in hands or arms.

Further advantages with the robotic core assembly systems are:

- healthy workers are well-motivated

- higher level of available workers

- stronger identification with, and higher support for, the company

- long term profit

Products & Innovations
GEORG experience