How do I release a Service Request?

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The basic solution of our support enables our customers to call our online service.  After receiving your support request we make an online connection to your machine and get quick access to your machine’s control system and components which enables a fast fault analysis and support.

The connection to your machine is provided by a special software from a leading German supplier for online support solutions.   This system is the only remote service product appoved with the Trusted Product Certificate of TÜViT. It only uses secured direct VPN connections which are accepted and used worldwide by a number of companies with production machines.

Releasing a Service Request

With a Service Request you can easily and fast transmit your trouble or request to GEORG.

  1. Select the line tree of your machine .
  2. Click on the function Service Request  
  3. Complete the following mandatory fields 
    • Contact (name)
    • Contact (phone/E-Mail) 
    • Machine status 
    • Fault description 
  4. Under attachments you can add optional files to your service request 
  5. By clicking the button send the service request will be released.  

Additional information:
The site box must stay online to enable the GEORG expert to get in touch with you. The initiated request will be closed after trouble shooting by the GEORG service expert. Do not close the request by yourself!   


"With every order we receive, we constantly advance digitalization, apply the latest technologies both internally and with our products, and offer our customers a wide range of consulting and service solutions."

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The proven technology of our GEORG precisioncut TBA400 ecoline not only ensures fast availability and high efficiency. With professional training courses – whether in-house, on-site or remotely – we convey well-founded knowledge for short startup times, efficient operation and high quality results. This open exchange is practiced between our colleagues as well.

If you are interested in our GEORG precisioncut TBA400 ecoline, feel free to contact us.


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Even when travelling is not possible, we can help you with intelligent and targeted service solutions and our experienced and dedicated team to ensure that your GEORG machines continue running at maximum efficiency. Therefore we have developed the right answers for your different challenges. We offer various solutions like remote service, spare parts, maintenance or online training fully digital, by phone or email - 24/7 if needed.


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