GEORG supplies power transformer E-stacker to China

Given the increasing automation trend in the transformer core production industry GEORG is delighted to design and manufacture a new GEORG precisioncut TBA800 E-stacker for our Chinese customer Wuxi Julong Silicon Steel Co Ltd. Wuxi Julong ranges among the largest transformer core manufacturers.
This unique machine is prepared to automatically produce open power transformer cores with separated top yoke as well as closed power transformer cores including top yoke. As the line can be used to either stack such cores (with or without top yoke) or separate accurate leg and yoke logs, it provides a lot of flexibility to fulfil the various customer’s needs of a transformer core service center.

Beside the automatic machines available within the GEORG robotline range the GEORG precisioncut TBA800 E-stacker is another important contribution to the portfolio of automatic transformer core production machines.
We are pleased and honoured by the trust that our customers are putting in GEORG as technological leader in the transformer core production industry.

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Successful commission of TBA400 at Lemi

TBA400 with high-speed configuration at our long-standing customer Lemi Trafo JSC.

Together with one slitting line which was put into operation a few weeks ago, the new TBA400 expands Lemi's machine park and supports their growth strategy.

The benefits of pin stacker technology for the distribution transformer production can also be gained from a Transformer Magazine article 'Demand driven core production' we published recently.

Finally, a special congratulations to our technicians and also to our customer’s employees for carrying out the commissioning in record time.

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