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For every demand the right solution

The GEORG protectionworld Life Cycle Quality Management offers our customers an allround service package that ensures an ongoing machine performance during their entire machine life cycle. Our customers can concentrate on their core business.  Thus we achieve our goal to facilitate the work of our partners with even more success.  

The GEORG allround care-free service package combines the various service scopes and offers protection, safety and quality for our customers. It includes the following topics:    

  • Inspection  
  • Maintenance
  • Maintenance planning
  • Maintenance assistance

Our various service contracts are based on different service scopes and levels. Every customer can select the type of service tailored to his specific needs. For example the customers from our transformer division can choose between four contract types: 

  • GEORG classiccare
  • GEORG classiccare plus
  • GEORG professionalcare
  • GEORG individualcare



Lower operating costs, increase profit

The GEORG protectionworld Life Cycle Quality Management contributes that the operating costs of our lines will be reduced significantly and that profits will rise. This is achieved e.g. by reducing  the service relevant costs:

  • Costs caused by machine stand still  
  • Repair costs
  • Loss of profit due to suboptimal product quality   

Employees visiting from China

Again it has been a pleasure to welcome our colleagues Alex Chen and Andy Sun from our GEORG Products Service Center in Beijing!

They will use their 3 months stay to familiarize themselves with the latest improvements and technologies incorporated in state-of-the-art transformer core production lines, which presently undergo final testing and pre-acceptance prior to shipment to China.

For more than 10 years now both of them form part of the GEORG service team located in Beijing. By the way, the GEORG Products Service Center was founded already in 1985 and with the help of our Chinese colleagues more than 100 GEORG machines and production lines could be successfully installed and serviced in China and neighbouring countries so far.

Working at GEORG, Services

80% of all software- and electronics-related service requests handled from Kreuztal

During the last two years our Business Unit Transformer Lines solved approximately 80% of all software- and electronics-related service requests from our headquarter in Kreuztal through the GEORG connected service.

GEORG commissioned various newly installed machines and performed complex upgrades remotely, allowing us to offer our customers immediate support. At Hulamin in South Africa, for example, the Processing Lines division upgraded an existing cut-to-length line to a combined cut-to-length and recoiling line – without having any GEORG personnel present at the customer’s location.


GEORG strengthens service

Our new organizational structure puts stronger emphasis on service activities, providing our customers additional opportunities for productivity improvement. We have pooled all our service-related activities, which had so far been spread over three different divisions, within the new “Service” business unit. With this step, we have augmented the role of services within our product portfolio. At GEORG, services are now on an equal level with the machines and systems the company designs and supplies to our customers the world over. A powerful service team and the use of latest digital tools will enable us to provide our customers with an enhanced and more efficient range of services.

Company, Services

"With every order we receive, we constantly advance digitalization, apply the latest technologies both internally and with our products, and offer our customers a wide range of consulting and service solutions."

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Trainings according to your requirements.

The proven technology of our GEORG precisioncut TBA400 ecoline not only ensures fast availability and high efficiency. With professional training courses – whether in-house, on-site or remotely – we convey well-founded knowledge for short startup times, efficient operation and high quality results. This open exchange is practiced between our colleagues as well.

If you are interested in our GEORG precisioncut TBA400 ecoline, feel free to contact us.

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