Always by your side.


Always by your side.



We at GEORG appreciate good work. Especially when it has been achieved at our worldwide customer’s sites. Below we have listed some examples of benefits which we have selected for our traveling staff.

Exciting Technology and Products

Worldwide about 500 GEORG employees do their best to develop custom tailored high level technology for machine tools and coil processing lines in order to meet the challenging demands of our customers. Our diversified high-tech machines and lines are complex, often customized and achieve highest standards like e.g. in accuracy grades. In general they are highly automated always at the pulse of time.

Customers who buy our products are proud to have a GEORG brand in their production, enabling them to be ahead of their competition. For you with your challenging task at our customers’ site this means:

  • Multiple and varying tasks
  • Professional and personal development along the challenges
  • Always actual knowledge and a wide field of experiences
  • High recognition of your work by customer and colleagues
  • Taking pride in what you achieved

Travel Planning, Safety and Comfort

We try to organize your travel and stay at site as comfortable as possible. This includes e.g.:

  • Good organizational preparation for your job at site regarding contents and technically
  • We take care of the entire organization incl. visa application
  • Best possible flight, train or rental car class, acc. to distance as well as accommodation (as agreed with you and the customer)
  • Up-to-date technical equipment
  • Safety related and medical 24/7 advice and consultation prior, during and after your trip e.g. by our worldwide partner International SOS

Communication and Work Processes

We have optimized our processes from preparation of a service trip via execution up to reflection afterwards and continuously improve them in consultation with our travelling colleagues. This includes e.g.:

  • Ensuring an uncomplicated communication with all respective contact persons at GEORG in Kreuztal
  • Quick reaction of the responsible GEORG experts should problems arise at site
  • Regular information exchange with our project and service leaders
  • Support by standardized processes and tools like checklists etc.
  • Feed-back exchange after completed service trip for quality improvement (development, production etc.)
  • Tailored trainings prior and after site trips in our GEORGacademy.


Of course we know that money is not everything. However, who works hard and a lot shall feel this in his wallet. Therefore we have created a mixed system consisting of direct and indirect financial incentives that make your job at site attractive. Among others e.g.:

  • Effort oriented salary with attractive add-ons, compensation of expenses and allowances
  • Pay scale holiday pay (72% of a regular monthly salary) and Christmas pay (55% of a regular monthly salary)
  • E.g. accident and international medical insurance
  • Attractive additional insurance cover also for family members (accident, hospital stay, teeth)
  • Attractive offer for company pension scheme
  • Business bike: attractive leasing offers for E-bikes (also for partners)
  • Contribution to health gyms
  • If necessary, free of charge complete health check by professional doctors
  • At special occasions e.g. longtime illness, dead etc. the interest group of our employees and employer will spend a financial support to the employee resp. his family
  • And many more


In our own company culture we live the appreciation and the mutual respect. For us a high readiness for effort and ability and a strong family spirit belong together. We therefore attach great importance to accommodating the private or family interests of our employees to the best of our ability.

As this is not easy for our travelling colleagues we have developed some special offers tailored to their needs:

Once a year our frequent travelers receive a long feel-well weekend (Thursday – Sunday) for 2 persons, optional with minor children, in a feel-well hotel within a circle of 500 km. The feel-well-plus already starts on Wednesday.

You can select out of 4 different holiday destinations. We hope everyone finds his favorite location. The two working days Thursday and Friday, resp. three working days for the feel-well-plus Wednesday till Friday, will be granted to you as additional holidays.

For artisan emergencies at home GEORG offers you an emergency fix-it-man service, so that you at your work site and your family at home can have a better sleep.

Whilst you do your job at your work site your partner can contact our emergency fix-it-man service who will help immediately. After a short consultation we will organize the suitable service company to remedy the damage. Per year we will bear the costs of up to total € 500.00.

Imagine, you are abroad. And your children need assistance at school. And now?

Exactly for such eventualities GEORG wants to present you the homework assistance offer. It is our aim to organize for your child or children once a week a homework assistance at fixed times in our company. As the case may be in addition we can offer assistance by video at reliable times. As required we will organize a talented student or a former teacher who takes over this offer at fixed times.

For our frequent travelers we offer generous home travels during long time work site jobs or at special family events.

Of course our traveling colleagues can also profit from the many other incentives as they will not be abroad all around the year.

Flexible Working Times

With our works council we have agreed a flexible working time scheme. It is possible e.g. to vary the start, break and end times and to collect extra hours in a work time account. Of course everything within a certain limit.

Company-Child Care

We care for your young children. Next to our company premises is the municipal kindergarten “zwergenland /midget land” of our town Kreuztal with whom we cooperate. For years now young fathers and mothers use this offer for children below 3 years.

Parent-Child Office

Should time problems arise in child care but important tasks in the office need to be done then our employees can bring along their children to work in a specially furnished parent-child room. Here the colleague can login, start work and have a look at the child at the same time.

Emergeny Help & Advice Hotline

Every one during his life has to master minor or sometimes bigger challenges at work or in his private life. Nowhere everything runs perfect. And here starts our free of charge advice and assistance offer for our employees and their family members.

You can find help in almost every situation in life, and this fully anonymously. The questions reach from care and Alzheimer via partnership and education up to drugs and debt problems.

Sport & Health

Within our integrated health and social management system, G-IGUS for short, we offer a number of support programs all about health and wellbeing. E.g. fresh fruits in winter season and fresh salads all through the year in our canteen.  In addition we contribute to your activities in a health gym and you can lease bikes profiting from attractive terms. We invite you and your family members to listen to health presentations and events and you can use our emergency & health hotline any time.

Trainings and onward schooling

Put your professional development into our hands. We accompany you right from the start and prepare you intensively for your challenging tasks tailored to your skills. We want you to complete your responsible job in an excellent way and keep your knowledge and experience at the pulse of time. Hereby we and you are supported by our in house training center, the GEORGacademy.