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Always by your side.


Always by your side.



Tech World

Fascination Work Site

The job of our technical staff at their worldwide work sites quite often resembles the job of an astronaut. Almost everything has been calculated in advance, but not everything can be predicted. “Kreuztal, we’ve got a problem“– it still remains an adventure for well prepared specialists sometimes in uneven territories where you have to take decisions by yourself. But when it comes to success at the end then the merit and respect of the ground station is for granted.

Your Challenges

  • You work by yourself and bear high responsibility
  • At site you often take decisions by yourself and must be very pragmatic and creative
  • You cooperate with different teams and respect different cultures and mentalities
  • In some destinations you may find difficult working conditions which you have to manage
  • Depending on task and project your time of absence from home may vary
  • You do everything to reach 100% quality and to finish the work site as fast as possible to the entire satisfaction of our customer
  • When there are no jobs outside you will work in preassembly and inspection in our works at Kreuztal

Tasks and job profile

Your Chances

  • On work sites you will gather many valuable experiences that will push your professional and personal development
  • With your good work you will gain high respect and recognition from the customer but also from us at home
  • Your job is full of variety as you will have to install different machines and lines
  • You will get to know other countries and cultures and will make friendships across borders
  • You will get an attractive remuneration and many benefits on top for you and your family

Benefits at GEORG

“Nowhere I’ve learned as much as during my travels. At GEORG I earn honest appreciation for my work. My family and I do appreciate this.”

Alexander Zhen, Service Technician GEORG in China


It is our ambition to offer our team leaders and employees the best frame work conditions for their worldwide jobs. This includes the combination of professional, private and family interests as far as possible. In this way you keep your center of life at home and can still travel around the world. We know this is not always easy. Sometimes working conditions at site can be difficult. And it may be that just in the very moment when you do your job somewhere in the world something unforeseen happens at home, may be a pipe bursts or your child has to write an important test at school etc. etc.

We try to monitor all this and to offer you and your family any support needed. For example we have organized a fix-it-man service, homework assistance or a leisure time program for frequent travelers. Read about our service for traveling employees.

Benefits at GEORG

Tasks and Job Profile

Which professions and exact jobs hide behind the term Tech World? Here you will learn more about.

Following „Vacancies“ you can see if there are any vacant positions available and what kind of qualifications are required. You are welcome to send us your initiative application.

Important to know: We do not only look for colleagues ready to travel with a long working experience at global sites. We also look for young talents who want to conquer the world with our cool high-tech products and to boost their career. You all are very welcome.

Initiative application

As head of construction site – we also call you chief assembly engineer – you are responsible for the in time and quality erection and commissioning of the sophisticated GEORG products at our customers’ sites around the world. You are our representative on site with our customers- and thus, you are the figurehead of GEORG. In this role you take care of high customer satisfaction and ensure an efficient and superb erection and commissioning .

You organize, plan and communicate with our customers and our headquarter in Kreuztal and lead the mechanical engineers from Kreuztal or from our other worldwide subsidiaries. Sometimes also our customer provides his own staff which you have to lead as well.

But one thing is for sure: It’s not an office job. In the contrary, with your knowledge and experience you will actively participate in the machine and line assembly and train our customer’s personnel at site if requested.

For this job with high responsibility in one of our product divisions finishing lines, transformer lines, machine tools you have passed the examination in a metalworking profession e.g. industrial mechanic. Besides you dispose of several years of professional experience in leading construction sites of large unit groups and components of the respective GEORG product and application field.

Our business areas

As erection engineer on site – or for short “mechanical engineer on site” – you carry out the erection and commissioning of the lines of one of our product divisions machine tools, finishing lines and transformer lines at our worldwide customers’ site. You will work in close cooperation with our departments design, manufacture, electrics etc. You will also carry out service jobs e.g. maintenance and inspection and will train our customer in line operation occasionally.

For this challenging job as erection engineer at site you have passed the examination in a metalworking profession e.g. industrial mechanic and should be familiar with the adjacent areas like electrics, pneumatics, hydraulics and application technology.

Your professional experience in assembly of large unit groups and components of high level machinery ideal in GEORG’s product and application field will help you to be successful at our customers’ sites.

Our business areas

As service technician you will carry out all kind of service operations of the respective product division finishing lines, transformer lines or machine tools. You are the pragmatic “supporter” who is most familiar with “his” GEORG products, who understands the individual customer situation and who finds a quick and professional solution for a machine or line problem.  

Whether trouble-shooting, inspections or retrofit, whether at home or abroad at our customer or via digital communication and service tools – whatever you do our customer and the high GEORG quality are always first.

You have passed the examination as industrial mechanic, ideal with additional qualification in electrics and your experience in high level machine building will form a good base for this important task. It would be perfect if you also dispose of experience in one of the GEORG product or application fields.

Our business areas

As application engineer you will bring our machines and lines to life. You are responsible for the electrical installation and commissioning of the products from the respective product division which generally starts in our Kreuztal works and finds its completion at the customers’ site worldwide.

According to the respective SPS plans you will adapt the control diagrams and will take care for a trouble-free functioning of our machines and plants according to the customer specification. Hereby you will work closely with the commissioning engineers and application developers but also with our designers and developers and will support in maintenance and service jobs.

You will be best prepared for the job when you have already passed your electro-technical or IT- studies and have solid experience in control technology in mechanical engineering – the specific knowledge request in control technology is listed in the job description in our job gate. Or, you have already passed your examine as engineer in works electrics and later on qualified to foreman or technical engineer in the field of electronics, mechatronics or machine building.