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On this page you can see if we currently have specific vacancies in the area of software/IT.

In case there is no vacant position listed we anyhow would appreciate to receive your initiative application.

Initiative application

Project Manager Development (m/f/d)
We are looking for a Project Manager (m/f/d) Development for our subsidiary GEORG AUTOMATION GMBH.
Software Developer (m/f/d)
We are looking for a Software Developer (m/f/d) Database and Interfaces for our subsidiary GEORG AUTOMATION GMBH.
Dual Study Informatics (m/f/d) | Start of Study 2023
Young talents have the chance to grow with us, since we create progress – with our passion for technology and a philosophy based on creativity and trust.
Apprenticeship as an IT specialist for application development (m/f/d) | Start of apprenticeship 2024
You want to get well prepared for your future professional career and bring in your ideas and talents? Then we would like to welcome you to our start of apprenticeship on August 1st, 2024.
Dual Bachelor/Master Study Electrical Engineering (m/f/d) | Start of Study 2023
We offer a practical integrated dual study at the University of Siegen, which gives you the opportunity to realize your theoretical knowledge and know-how from the university in our company during semester breaks.


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