There is life in here.


Change your position to gain new perspectives.*

Did you know that machine and plant engineering is one of the most exciting working fields for IT and software talents?

We feel the pulse of time in each of our three product areas and create highly automized machines and plants for our renowned worldwide customers.

Inside our inhouse Innovation Department a team of young and experienced  computer scientists, mechanical engineers, mathematicians, web designers and self-made talents develops exciting digital products.

And in our IT-Department you find a motivated team that cares for network and infrastructure, our ERP system and topics like cyber security and support.


We offer excellent development surroundings where you can let your talents and experiences grow.
Get on the bus, speed up and discover what Germany’s family friendliest employer has to offer.

Benefits at GEORG

* Hungry digital talents (m/w/d):

  • Software progammers/ - engineers
  • Web designers
  • Computer scientist
  • Dual students & apprentices
  • Application developers