Edge-trimming-, Inspection- and Recoiling lines

GEORG precisiontrim

Inspection lines

  • For detection of strip surface defects by visual and automatic inspection systems
  • Possibility of eliminating strip defects with or without strip tension
  • Repair of coils by removal of defects and use of up-to-date welding machines
  • Edge-trimming of strips with faulty edges by extremely low cutting tolerances
  • Rewinding of solid coils by constant strip tension without offset
  • Minimization of scrap by use of steering roll systems and strip flow systems
  • Reduced power consumption by modern regenerative systems and use of drives in special power efficiency grades
  • Coil weight up to 40 t


Strip width

exceeding 2,100 mm

Line thickness range

between 0.1 and 6.0 mm

Line speed

> 1,800 m/min

Production rate

more than 300,000 t/year depending on product mix and strip material

Single components for finishing lines

GEORG only uses high quality single components for their products. The production output of existing lines can be increased by integration of new components and additional aggregates in GEORG quality for higher profit. Also for existing lines we offer the optimum process results.

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“Modern lines must be designed to offer sustainable solutions. This is why we develop technologies for the future.”

Antonio Garcia, GEORG finishing lines division


GEORG protectionworld

GEORG protectionworld Life Cycle Quality Management offers our customers an all-round care-free package for the total life cycle of their machine or line. Consequently the operating costs of our lines will be reduced significantly and your profits will increase.

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