Retrofit – a clever alternative

Sometimes retrofitting of an older machine represents an ideal option to reach a fast and reliable solution with a great return on invest.

Our latest project for SSAB in Finland covered the complete overhaul of a swing shear of a galvanizing line.

The set target was to reach the capacity to cut steel strip of up to 1700 N/mm² tensile strength within a thickness range between 0,4 mm and 3,5 mm. After investigating at site in Finland by GEORG’s engineers the decision was made to overhaul the shear. 

The overhaul comprised the replacement of all wear parts and the implementation of a new upper and lower shear blade clamping system with automatic cutting gap adjustment for the full thickness range and a new painting.

„The retrofitting carried out by our engineers combines moderate investment costs and simultaneously increased shearing capacity. In every aspect a clever decision. With professional planning and execution retrofitting can be a real alternative to new investment, explains Peter Zimmermann, head of service GEORG finishing lines.

Thanks to SSAB for the superb cooperation.


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The proven technology of our GEORG precisioncut TBA400 ecoline not only ensures fast availability and high efficiency. With professional training courses – whether in-house, on-site or remotely – we convey well-founded knowledge for short startup times, efficient operation and high quality results. This open exchange is practiced between our colleagues as well.

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Even when travelling is not possible, we can help you with intelligent and targeted service solutions and our experienced and dedicated team to ensure that your GEORG machines continue running at maximum efficiency. Therefore we have developed the right answers for your different challenges. We offer various solutions like remote service, spare parts, maintenance or online training fully digital, by phone or email - 24/7 if needed.


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