GEORG Service Center

for Shear Blades and Leveling Cassettes

Grinding and Maintenance Operations in proven GEORG Quality

With our professional grinding and maintenance operations for your shear blades and leveling cassettes we offer you a tailored service at a fair price. This applies e.g. to cylindrical grinding of leveling and intermediate rollers, surface grinding of shear blades as well as maintenance and overhaul of your leveling cassettes, even of other brands. Take profit of our qualified and well trained service team and GEORG’s experience for decades.

Cylindrical Grinding

  • Grinding of leveling and intermediate rolls up to 3.000 mm total length and a diameter of 130 mm
  • Grinding of leveling rolls and upon request chromium plating (hard chromium plating made in Germany)
  • Grinding of intermediate rolls
  • Grinding and radius rounding of support rolls and support roll shells

Surface Grinding

  • Surface grinding of shear blades up to 2.500 mm length and 900 mm width
  • Surface grinding with highest precision based on experience for decades

Leveling Cassettes Maintenance

  • Dismantling and complete cleaning of leveling roller cassettes
  • Check of free-wheeling of all leveling roller bearings and support rolls
  • Inspection of damage on every component
  • Dismantling, cleaning, greasing and reassembly of the support rolls
  • Greasing of all bearings
  • Assembly of a new or remachined roller set into the leveling cassette
  • Check of all universal joints by sight
  • Reassembly of all parts to a functional leveling roller casette

Leveling Cassette Overhaul

  • Exchange/retrofit of bearings und sealrings
  • Repair of leveling rolls (in case of run in bearing seat)
  • Other mechanical repairs of leveling cassette components
  • Check of concentricity of leveling and intermediate rolls
  • Adaption of the fitting bars of the leveling cassette to the new dimension according to the new roller set diameter
  • Measuring and new manufacture of parts
  • Repair of universal shafts

Impressing Service

We do not only want to satisfy our customers. We want to impress them with our  services. This includes a tailored service which enables maintenance of leveling rolls and shear blades in shortest time at highest level at a fair price.

  • Pick-up and delivery of leveling cassettes to the customer.
  • Mechanical adjustments of the leveling cassette in the leveler at customer’s site.
  • Check/repair of the leveler at site.
  • Operator training / training in leveling techniques.
  • Support by our leveling experts during leveling process.
  • All services also for other brands.


We do not only want to satisfy our customers. We want to impress them by our services.

  • Qualified and experienced service team
  • Leveling machine experience for decades
  • Flexible service package available, from individual task to allround care free package

Your Benefit

The GEORG Service Center is specialized to ensure you an uninterrupted  production process and offers you the following advantages:

  • Reduction of your operating costs by qualified service
  • Reduction of your machine down-time costs
  • Reduction of high repair costs
  • Reduction of your labour costs
  • Increase of your profits by optimum production processes

Whether grinding, maintenance or overhaul – with us your machinery is in good hands. Would you like to learn more, just give us a call or write to us. We will be pleased to submit you a tailored quotation.

GEORG Service Center
Phone +49 2732 779-521


We support you. Everytime. Everywhere.

With our preventive, predictive and on-time service, we ensure the process reliability and annual constant productivity of your machines and lines. Whether with GEORG staff in the USA or remotely with GEORG connectedservice, we are always by your side. Upgrades and implementations can also accompany your growing journey.


GEORG opens a new location in Atlanta/Georgia

The Georg North America Inc. now has 2 locations within the USA, using these to focus on the US, Canadian and Mexican market.

The design and manufacturing site is staying in Roanoke/Virginia, the new sales and service site in Atlanta/Georgia. We look forward to being even closer to our customers. Our Sales colleagues are always at your disposal for project discussions.

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Two slitting lines are upgraded with automatic separation systems.

Tata Steel "Multisteel" has commissioned us to equip two slitting lines with automatic separating systems. We are very pleased about this retrofit order, which brings many advantages for the operation of a slitting line with our patented positioning system for separating discs.

Thank you Tata Steel "Multisteel for your trust.

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Employees visiting from China

Again it has been a pleasure to welcome our colleagues Alex Chen and Andy Sun from our GEORG Products Service Center in Beijing!

They will use their 3 months stay to familiarize themselves with the latest improvements and technologies incorporated in state-of-the-art transformer core production lines, which presently undergo final testing and pre-acceptance prior to shipment to China.

For more than 10 years now both of them form part of the GEORG service team located in Beijing. By the way, the GEORG Products Service Center was founded already in 1985 and with the help of our Chinese colleagues more than 100 GEORG machines and production lines could be successfully installed and serviced in China and neighbouring countries so far.

Working at GEORG, Services

80% of all software- and electronics-related service requests handled from Kreuztal

During the last two years our Business Unit Transformer Lines solved approximately 80% of all software- and electronics-related service requests from our headquarter in Kreuztal through the GEORG connected service.

GEORG commissioned various newly installed machines and performed complex upgrades remotely, allowing us to offer our customers immediate support. At Hulamin in South Africa, for example, the Processing Lines division upgraded an existing cut-to-length line to a combined cut-to-length and recoiling line – without having any GEORG personnel present at the customer’s location.

GEORG experience

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Thomas Weber
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