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A key value for customers of automatic core stacking solutions developed by GEORG and Güdel is the consistency in quality. The automatic system will always ensure the same high-performance quality level, with much less dependence on personnel availability and worker skills. Automatic assembly systems already in operation at our customers’ sites have shown a reduction in core losses compared with manual stacking, greatly reducing the energy consumption for users.

Reports from various customers have shown that a reduction of no-load losses in transformers by up to 5% is possible by using automated core stacking solutions. Further, 5 to 10% less iron in the cores is needed compared to manual core stacking, which results in significant cost savings for core manufacturers.


GEORG opens a new location in Atlanta/Georgia

The Georg North America Inc. now has 2 locations within the USA, using these to focus on the US, Canadian and Mexican market.

The design and manufacturing site is staying in Roanoke/Virginia, the new sales and service site in Atlanta/Georgia. We look forward to being even closer to our customers. Our Sales colleagues are always at your disposal for project discussions.

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Top Company 2022

In February, GEORG was awarded the kununu Top Company Award 2022 due to strong employee satisfaction, placing it in the top 5% of the most employee-friendly companies in Germany.

Thank you, dear employees!

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Top-Employer 2022

Dear employees and applicants, you have once again helped us onto the winner's podium in the current Germany-wide survey of 'Top Employers SME 2022' in the mechanical and plant engineering sector. Following second place in the previous year, we were able to maintain our position as one of Germany's most popular employers with third place.

Thank you for that, you're just great!

Source: FOCUS BUSINESS, issue 4/2021

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