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A key value for customers of automatic core stacking solutions developed by GEORG and Güdel is the consistency in quality. The automatic system will always ensure the same high-performance quality level, with much less dependence on personnel availability and worker skills. Automatic assembly systems already in operation at our customers’ sites have shown a reduction in core losses compared with manual stacking, greatly reducing the energy consumption for users.

Reports from various customers have shown that a reduction of no-load losses in transformers by up to 5% is possible by using automated core stacking solutions. Further, 5 to 10% less iron in the cores is needed compared to manual core stacking, which results in significant cost savings for core manufacturers.


Victor Mejia in the assembly hall

Victor has been with us as an industrial mechanic since he started his training on August 1st, 2016. He comes from Guatemala, feels very comfortable with us and has meanwhile developed into a good fitter who has already been on his first field assembly assignments. Victor: we are very happy to have you in our team.

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Our gift for the 30th anniversary of the company SBG Neumark

On September 7, we were able to congratulate our customer SGB on "Innovation Day" for 30 years of production at the Neumark site. In addition, we wish Mr. Andreas Unterweger, who took over the position of CEO in September, many more successful years as the CEO.

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GEORG - New paint shop

We are also constantly investing in our own infrastructure. Currently, our new paint shop is being built and will soon be put into operation. We are looking forward to it.

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