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Always by your side

We are at your disposal, even around the clock if necessary. The present limitations in mobility and contact show almost no influence to our service capability. Thanks to latest technologies we are able to support you in many aspects via phone, Email and remote.

Although due to worldwide momentary travel restrictions it is not always possible that our service technicians can be present at site. However, also from far we are always by your side.

We offer you the following services also in times of restricted mobility:

  • Remote Service – 24/7 possible
  • Spare Parts Orders
  • Maintenance Manager/Maintenance support
  • Online training

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Remote Service

By using our software solution GEORG connectedservice the machine and line operators get direct support in operation by our service experts. In this way, errors can be localized quickly.

A quick and easy connection setup enables a service conference between the machine operator on site and the GEORG service expert. Hereby all controls, operating elements and drives can be surveyed.

Spare Parts Orders

As usual all kinds of spare parts for your machines can be ordered. Our service employees can be reached via phone and Email.

Furthermore requests for spare parts offers can be sent via GEORG connected system.

Maintenance Manager

The GEORG connectedservice System offers a maintenance manager assisting you in scheduling and execution of your maintenance tasks.  Should there be a problem during  the maintenance operation a GEORG service technician follows the job in real time and can assist  immediately. The pictures are displayed via conference center and tablet.

Online Trainings

“Learning by doing is the best way to learn – making mistakes and see how to solve them.“

Unfortunately we cannot train your employees at site for the time being. Therefore we offer you to address some topics and lacks of knowledge via online training. This will be a theoretical training. We can watch your pratical operations via videochat and support you directly.

Service Contracts

For calling such measures we offer our customers various types of service contracts with various scopes and levels:

  • GEORG classiccare
  • GEORG classiccare plus
  • GEORG professionalcare
  • GEORG individualcare

You want safety and stability?

We will be glad to advise you  which kind of contract will meet your requirements best.

Christian Halbe

Christian Halbe

Head of Service

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