Special core productions lines

Special core productions lines

In addition to our classic precisioncut core cutting lines for step lap stacked transformer cores, GEORG has developed advanced core cutting machines for other core designs.

GEORG precisioncut 230 amorph for cutting and stacking of amorphous cores

The precisioncut 230 amorph is our solution for cutting laminations for amorphous cores. With speeds of 150 m/min the machine outperforms all other solutions on the world market. In addition we offer semi-automatic units for shaping of rectangular cores, which can drastically reduce the amount of manual labour in core production.

GEORG precisioncut 500 reactor for cutting and stacking laminations for toroidal reactor cores

The precisioncut 500 reactor is used to cut and stack laminations for toroidal rector cores. It can be equipped with robot systems and large storage carousels.

GEORG precisioncut 300 wound for the production of would cores

With our precisioncut 300 wound we are offering a high speed production line for distributed gap wound cores. Its eccentric shear is a sophisticated solution for high volume production cutting without stopping.


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GEORG protectionworld

GEORG protectionworld Life Cycle Quality Management offers our customers an all-round care-free package for the total life cycle of their machine or line. Consequently the operating costs of our lines will be reduced significantly and your profits will increase.

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