Edge-trimming shears

Edge-trimming shears

For the processing of carbon steel, silicon steel, stainless steel and non ferrous metals such as aluminium and alloys, lithographic, copper, brass and titanium.

The most essential parameters

  • Strip widths up to 2,900 mm, dependent on material and customers demands
  • For line speeds > 1,800 m/min, dependent on material properties and customers demands
  • Edge-trimming of typical gauge ranges of: 0.08–0.8 mm, 0.1–1 mm, 0.3–4.0 mm, 0.5–6 mm, 1–8 mm, 2–10 mm, 4–15 mm
  • Highest cutting tolerances
  • Perfect cutting quality with low burr on the cutting edges
  • Single head edge-trimming shears for finishing lines
  • Double head edge-trimming shears for process lines
  • Edge-trimming shears in double eccentric and spindle adjustment design
  • Centre cut shears
  • Automatic adjustment of width, cutting gap, and knive overlap
  • Regrinding of the knives on the circumference or on the flat surface
  • Permanent driven shear heads or non driven with free run clutch


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