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Heinrich Georg Maschinenfabrik delivers the fourth Roll Lathe to Trinec

Heinrich Georg Maschinenfabrik delivers the fourth Roll Lathe to Trinec

Last December, Heinrich Georg GmbH Maschinenfabrik received an order for the delivery of a roll lathe for up to 10 t of workpiece weight from Czech company Strojirny a Stavby Trinec, a.s. This is already the fourth machine ordered in Kreuztal by the subsidiary of Třinecké železárny a.s. since 1996.

The new Roll Lathe Type GEORG ultraturn 900 R will be used for new machining and finishing of profile rolls, by means of which Třinecké železárny mainly produces round profiles, flat sections, angle profiles as well as reinforcing steel for the construction industry.

The machine is designed for rolls with a diameter of up to 900 mm and a weight of up to 10 t and a center width of 2.500 mm. The tool holder in slide design with one tool slide ensures a safe transmission of highest cutting forces.

Already in 1996 and 2003 GEORG delivered two machines for workpiece weights of up to 40 t, in 2004 another machine for rolls up to 10 t. The new machine completes the roll workshop equipment, having four GEORG machines in operation in the future. The production capacity expansion makes this investment necessary. All four machines are fully hydrostatic guided, a concept which GEORG generally applies for all its roll lathes. The biggest machines of the ultraturn range can handle workpieces with weights of up to 300 t and more. The machine enables heavy roughing with high cutting parameters as well as finishing with highest demands on accuracies. In this way, the customer additionally saves time for workpieces setup.

In contrast to more simple linear-guided or slide guided machines there are almost no running costs for loss lubrication or guiding elements exchange as it is the case for hydrostatic guided machines. Furthermore, based on the design principle, these machines achieve the same accuracy as new machines, even after heavy use in a roll shop for decades. By receiving this order, Jan Ebener, Head of Sales for GEORG´s Machine Tool Division, believes the concept of hydrostatic guided machines to be proven:

“Besides the quality of our machines, our customers obviously also appreciate their efficiency. Thus, we have succeeded against strong domestic and foreign competitors. Lathes equipped with the hydrostatic and wear-free guideways are more expensive to purchase, but more efficient and economically over the years and decades.”

GEORG will deliver the machine in autumn 2016.

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