New GEORG service for the entire machine life cycle

Online-diagnosis, fault remedy, down times are reduced by GEORG connectedservice.

New GEORG service for the entire machine life cycle

GEORG protection world ensures cost reductions and higher line efficiency

To reach sustainable technical top performances high product quality and economic production  with high line/machine availability  are a must. This is why we combine our GEORG machine/line solutions with our new enhanced services: i.e. GEORG protection world – Life cycle Quality Management. Hereby we support our customers proactively, take the next big step forward towards standardization and automization of services and push the preparations for industry 4.0.

Increasing the line efficiency

Different service packages take care of the entire machine life/machine  cycle, e.g. from commissioning and maintenance towards modernization and technical consultancy. Thus we ensure the optimum availability of your GEORG lines/machines, reduce service related costs and increase your profit.

The GEORG support is a strong example for the performance advantages of the GEORG protection world.  It offers a software based service gate GEORG connected service for the entire support of all likely service cases including a clear online diagnosis, fault remedy, effective maintenance organization, spare parts management and a preventive monitoring,  Upon request a continuous data generation for the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) can be activated. By verifying your production capacity you can further increase your machine’s/line’s  efficiency.

Longer life time and up-grades

A further service module is our strategic service GEORG upgrade – focusing on future production: 

application and process optimization, observing the stage of the line via condition monitoring and up-grades (available also for other brands).

Financing and Trainings

For investing in our technology the options offered by GEORG finance may be a solution too.

Our in-house our external experts will advise and consult you with the aim to find the optimum way to purchase your new GEORG line.

GEORGknowledge represents a wide training portfolio for our own employees, suppliers and customers.

Only those who know how to operate our lines best can get the best performance out of them and gain the best return.  Further training and consulting is available by GEORGknowledge for beyond going trainings on GEORG products, studies as well as technical and CE consultancy.


Talk to us. We will be pleased to  tell you more about the GEORG protection world.

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