Impexmetal s.a. Aluminium Konin places further order with GEORG

The new contract covers a Cut-to-Length Line for thin strips from aluminium and aluminium alloys with upto 1250 mm width and a thickness range between 0,15 - 0,6 mm. Highlights of this line will be the drum-shear for accurate sheets and high output; a "Six-high" leveller with 17 rolls and displaceable back-ups for exact flatness as well as a special stacking system for thin and soft material with delicate surface.

Impexmetal s.a. Aluminium Konin has been present on the European market for over 40 years. The company is specialized in the production of high quality sheets and strips. The products are used in many branches like building, packaging, household appliances industries and also automotive branch.

We are glad that the quality and performance of our last machine delivered in 2006 has impressed and convinced our customer to buy also the next machine from GEORG. Thank you again!