GEORGacademy receives south westphalia’s entrepreneur award

Awarded for the professional scope of the in-house GEORGacademy

Know-how is the only resource that multiplies by sharing.  This is the philosophy of our training center, the GEORGacademy. The advanced portfolio was now honoured with the south  westphalian entrepreneur award within the category “projects”. We want to share our pleasure with our customers,  partners and employees.

GEORG’s CEO Mark Georg focusses the engagement for investing and  establishing of his educational center: “Being a high-tech company, we see our responsibility  to act forward looking facing today’s dynamic know-how society and the demographic changes to come. With  the GEORGacademy we have formed an institution  for our customers, suppliers and employees  that offers know-how at the pulse of time.”  Upon request of GEORG’s CEO Mark Georg, Thomas Kleb, managing director of GEORG corporate services and Davina Saßmannshausen, head of GEORGacademy. received the award donated by the publishers, Unternehmerverlag Südwestfalen, in the presence of 250 guests in the golden hall of Iserlohn’s Schauburg. 

Laudator Klaus Gräbener praises the special efforts

In his laudatio  Klaus Gräbener, chief managing director of Siegen’s Chamber of Commerce, and laudator for the sector ‘projects’  underligned  the company’s  special efforts in regards to HR development.  The management and the owners live a very special kind of employee guidance.

That’s for this why GEORG is a brand of its own and has been for decades already. GEORG recognized the importance of employee guidance already at a time when other companies looked at it as a factor of cost only. Caring for the well-being of its employees has always been tradition at GEORG and can be seen as a red line through its history. GEORG was among the first companies who opened a parents’ office for situations when the child-care person is not available. Also the cooperation agreement with Diakonie South-Westphalia ensures that employees get support in personal emergencies like addiction, debts or psychological illnesses. The GEORGacademy is a further milestone.  Hereby the company creates an atmosphere for creativity, common learning and activates the exchange of mind looking for new competences.

At this point we would like to express our sincere thanks to Mr. Gräbener for his special laudatio.