GEORG precisioncut TBA 1200 for China

The first GEORG precisioncut TBA 1200 for china is just leaving our works in Kreuztal after successful testing and preacceptance. The customer is one of the world’s biggest transformer manufacturer, TBEA.

For GEORG this is 3rd cutting line of type TBA 1200 for high capacity power transformers. This machine cuts and stacks laminations up to a width of 1250 mm for transformer cores. Moreover another Asian customer already ordered this kind of machine which will be manufactured in the months ahead.

During installation and commissioning of the machine for TBEA also colleagues from GEORG Products Service Center, Beijing were present and received deep technological training on this new line generation. There 15 experienced engineers are available to render service for almost 300 GEORG lines already in operation in China. The service center was founded in 1985 already.