GEORG machine tool for gas turbine manufacturing in Russia

GEORG machine tool for gas turbine manufacturing in Russia

With the signature of Dr.-Ing. Wieland Klein, Managing Director of GEORG machine tool division, the contract between GEORG and Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies about the delivery of a new turbine lathe type ultraturn 4000 T came into force by end of June 2014. The delivery of the machine is scheduled for end of 2015. 

OOO Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies (SGTT) in St. Petersburg is a Joint Venture between Siemens AG in Germany and Russian company OJSC Power Machines. Currently the new production plant with latest manufacturing technologies is being set up in St. Petersburg to carry out research and development as well as assembly, sales, project management and servicing of high-power gas turbine with a capacity of 168-292 MW for the Russian market. 

Both founding companies have already been GEORG’s customers for years, so that the decision for a GEORG lathe was a decision for a well-proven technology, especially considering that Siemens at their Berlin turbine plant already operate a duplicate of the GEORG machine. 

The turbine lathe is designed for a turning diameter of up to 4.000 mm, a workpiece length of up to 15.000 mm and a workpiece weight of up to 180 tons. The machine shall be used for finishing operations of bladed turbine rotors including an exact measurement of its geometry. 

For this purpose the machine is not only equipped with a turning tool holder, but also with a modular grinding unit. Furthermore, a sophisticated measuring system will be installed for highly precise measurement of blade diameter, radial and axial run-outs while taking into consideration machine as well as environmental influences such as temperature variations. Manufacturing and measurement of highest-performance gas turbines has become possible with this highly sophisticated lathe.