GEORG as an example for communication of values during the 4th INDUKOM forum

Grown values as basis for creating confidence and progress

The successful relaunch of the GEORG brand in 2011 was now in great demand as best-practice-example onstage –during the 4th INDUKOM forum. In the vicinity of Munich, in the Bavarian Fürstenfeldbruck, industrial companies (INDUs) like Kuka Roboter, EBM Papst or communication specialists like Siemens (KOMs) met for an exchange of knowledge. This time, the topic “communicate values, create values!” was in the focus of this nationwide unique forum.

GEORG was invited to the group of top-class economy and research referees to present their own brand relaunch as a successful example. “Grown values were our basis for creating a trustful company culture which shapes the GEORG brand internally and externally and which makes it unique within the global competition. Responsible action, results-oriented technical thinking ahead and being inspired and motivated by the own history – these are the strengths that secure the decisive advantage for our customers and us on international markets”, explains referee Mark Georg, GEORG CEO, who presented the example together with Marco Petracca, Director of the strategic consulting service of the mentoring agency psv marketing.

The perceptible success of the company culture and the GEORG brand also convinced the professional INDUKOM audience.