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Digital Twin

GEORG is pilot customer of the SINUMERIK ONE

On 14th May 2019, Siemens released the first information on the latest machine tool control system called SINUMERIK ONE.  The new control system will replace the worldwide well-known 840Dsl.

GEORG is one of the pilot customers of the SINUMERIK ONE. For more than one year, GEORG has developed digital solutions for our customers together with Siemens.

Digitalization in Machine Tool Manufacturing

The GEORG Digital Twin is the key element for the digital transformation and supports the complete virtual simulation and testing of the work processes of our customers.

The main focus of GEORG is currently the digital twin of machine tools. In combination of the GEORG know-how and our powerful tools which comes with the SINUMERIK ONE, the possibilities of interaction between the virtual and the real machine will lead to significant productivity gains in the production and in the use of machine tools for our customers.

GEORG is firmly convinced that our customers will have huge benefits due to the use of these new technologies.

Customer benefits

  • Training on the “real-virtual“ machine in an early level of development
  • Significant improvement in the field of service support
  • Increased machine productivity by optimizing the programs and workflows, a long time before the real machine is built

Further information

Further information about the digital twin of SIEMENS & GEORG:

EMO 2019

GEORG will present the digital twin at EMO 2019. You can find us on both A64 in hall 13.

Until EMO, we will continuously update this web page to keep you updated and provide further information. This also includes videos about some new technical options.


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