Successful presentation: our new GEORG ultragrind

The customer day premiere of the first GEORG-Roll grinding machine highly impressed our guests.

Special events should be celebrated in a particular way: The guests of the customer day in Kreuztal witnessed for themselves first-hand the precision of our new, powerful equipment at the premiere of our first Roll grinding machine– the GEORG ultragrind.

“With the ultragrind, we have extended the future-oriented product portfolio for our customers“, emphasizes Reinhard Helmer, Managing Director GEORG machine tool division. There was a particularly positive response during the live presentation. The innovative machine design was applied with portable headstock and three-part machine beds as well as robust machine technology using proven quality by GEORG.

Of course there were also enough opportunities at the customer days for intensive professional exchange. Besides the technical details of the GEORG ultragrind, which were presented by the Director of Design Dr. Ing. Wieland Klein, also the presentation of our longstanding partner LISMAR regarding functioning and development of the latest testing technology rolls supplied important impetus. “At this point a big thank you for the interesting discussion“, says CEO Mark Georg. “And great praise to our employees, who have done an awesome job in developing our new Roll grinding machine.”