Our latest: TBA 400 ecoline L

Our latest: TBA 400 ecoline L

GEORG transformer division presents its new economic core cutting line with STA-stacking system.

Many changes are taking place in today’s energy market also the economic challenges have reached many areas of machine building.   When it comes to efficient production of low loss transformer cores also the fast return on invest is in demand just as high level product quality. That’s the reason why GEORG has developped it’s core cutting line TBA400 ecoline being a solid, reliable and economic solution. Now we have gone the next step.

Precise stacking is a time saver

Our new development GEORG precisioncut TBA400 ecoline L offers next to efficiency and reliable GEORG quality new options which so far had been reserved for customized cutting lines. The expression “L” stands for “log” = ready stacked legs for transformer cores. That’s the difference between our 2 ecoline models.

Our TBA400 ecoline L is equipped with a special STA-stacking system which enables the accurate stacking of the cut laminations via threading pins. The leg logs are stacked in the line and only the top and bottom yokes are inserted manually at a later stage. Compared to the stacking concept layer by layer the core building time will be reduced considerably.

The new developed TBA400 ecoline L cuts sheets from 50 to 440 mm. Upto a lamination length of 1200 mm – sufficient for transformers of 5MVA capacity – all 5 lamination types (2 yokes, 2 outer legs, 1 center leg) can be cut and stacked in one sequence. The stacking cars offer stacking space for 5 complete cores (25 positions). Inside the punching area both longitudinally CNC-adjustable hole punches operate in synchronization with/without the shears. This results in less sheet stops and significantly increased output.

Even more options

Recommendable options e.g. a 4-head decoiler, a third CNC-adjustable hole punch and an additional stacking car offer further possibilities to reduce the setting times per core even further. In addition the modular line concept facilitates the line erection at site. The line does not need a special foundation, no loop pit is required and installation is possible in a short time.

Already at the trade shows MEE 2015 Dubai, FIEE 2015 Sao Paulo and at CWIEME 2015 Berlin our new GEORG TBA400 ecoline L received great attention. During the exhibitions it became clear once again that our customers appreciate the combination of economic line conception paired with GEORG’s quality. Our customers do know that they can rely on an extraordinary professional GEORG service if needed. Our world spanning consulting and service network is always available and if necessary GEORG specialists are ready to offer online support.

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