Lamination cutting at highest speed: The new TBA400 highspeed

Lamination cutting at highest speed: The new TBA400 highspeed

Technical innovation by GEORG transformer division impresses by its high output

Following the worldwide success of our TBA400 ecoline a further new development namely the highly efficient TBA400 highspeed line is available now for special applications.

Whereas the advantage of our TBA400 ecoline is primarily based on high quality lamination cutting  in an economic way, the new TBA400 highspeed impresses by highest output at high speed. More than 180 laminations can be produced per minute. For comparison: A TBA400 ecoline produces 42 sheets with 2 holes in the same time respectively 84 sheets without holes. The high result of the new technology could be achieved by reducing the number of strip positioning stops considerably.

Equipped for excellent results

Except one of the 2 V-notching presses all 4 hole punches and both shears of the TBA400 highspeed can be displaced by CNC. Hereby it has been achieved that shears and punches can be positioned in such a way that cutting and punching operations can be performed simultaneously and the high output is achieved. In addition this efficient line disposes of an 8-head decoiler, automatic strip feeding  and a 5 position STA(B) stacker, allowing the exact edge aligned stacking of laminations up to 2.200 mm.

“With this new TBA400 highspeed we are setting new standards in the high-end range” underlines Bernd Peter Schmidt, managing director of GEORG transformer division. “We could already deliver one line of this type to our customer in Dubai and installation work has started. This line disposes of unique features allowing our customer to expand his manufacturing advantage towards his competition considerably.”