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Tank wall production lines

GEORG ultracorrugation

Tank wall production lines

With the GEORG ultracorrugation tank wall production lines we offer sophisticated equipment for the production of fin walls for distribution transformer tanks. The main part is the robust finfolding machine, that creates the fin walls. The sturdiness and the design contribute to producing quality fin walls within close tolerances. The seam welding unit with CMT cold metal transfer welding technology welds the front seams of the fins.

Optional units:

  • Quick tool changing systems
  • Semi-automatic leveling and insertion system for reinforcement rod
  • embossment spot welding machine
  • reinforcement strip spot welding machines
  • edge bending units
  • Clamping manipulators for assembly and weldingof the fin walls
  • GEORG robotweld systems


Strip width

max. 1,600 mm

Panel length

max. 3,000 mm


max. 400 mm


“Demanding partners are as important as innovative technology.
That is why our customers have confidence in us – and we in them.”

Bernd Peter Schmidt, GEORG transformer division


GEORG protectionworld

GEORG protectionworld Life Cycle Quality Management offers our customers an all-round care-free package for the total life cycle of their machine or line. Consequently the operating costs of our lines will be reduced significantly and your profits will increase.

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