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Roll grinding machines

GEORG ultragrind

Product types in detail.

After taking over the production program of the renowned American machine builder Capco Machinery Systems Inc. in spring 2016 we can now offer you an even wider product range in the field of roll grinding machines. The advantages of the proven GEORG ultragrind product series are now also valid for the smaller roll segment.

The advantages of GEORG roll grinding machines

  • High precision and grinding power are the characteristic features of the GEORG roll grinding machines.
  • Due to these advantages our machines are a reliable partner in your roll shop.

  • Moveable head stock with stationary main axis leads to increased durability as well as high handling safety during the set-up process.
  • Rigid machine bed with third guideway for optimal workpiece support during the grinding process leads to high grinding power and high accuracy.

The most essential parameters

  • Roll weights up to 300 tons
  • Roll diameter max. 2,500 mm
  • For steel, aluminium sheet and foil and other non-ferrous metals
  • For grinding of back-up, work and Sendzimir rolls with and without chocks
  • Fully automatic grinding of any required shape

with testing facility for rolls.

The most essential parameters

  • Roll diameter max. 2,500 mm
  • Roll length max 15,000 mm
  • Roll weight max. 100 t

for slab, billet and ingot grinding.

The most essential parameters

  • Edge length 100–750 mm
  • Diameter 300–1,000 mm
  • Length max. 12,000 mm
  • Weight max. 35 t


„With the integration of Capco grinding machines into the GEORG product portfolio we can now offer our customers a wider and more tailored range in the grinding field. This also includes a faster service by our new company Georg Capco Inc.“

Jan Ebener, GEORG machine tool division


Workpiece weight

max. 300 t

Roll diameter

max. 2,500 mm

Roll length

max. 15,000 mm


GEORG protectionworld

GEORG protectionworld Life Cycle Quality Management offers our customers an all-round care-free package for the total life cycle of their machine or line. Consequently the operating costs of our lines will be reduced significantly and your profits will increase.

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