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GEORG precisioncut TBA400 ecoline 2.0: now available with 2nd hole punch

When GEORG introduced the GEORG precisioncut TBA400ecoline first in 2010 nobody expected that this model would be such a success story as we know now. Now we have sold almost 30 machines to customers all around the world. Some of our customers already have their second machine after having experienced much success in the operation of the first GEORG precisioncut TBA400 ecoline. 

Now GEORG introduces a second model which has space for a second hole punch on the machine base frame. Customers can decide to include the second hole punch already directly when the machine is built or to retrofit it...

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Successful presentation: our new GEORG ultragrind

The customer day premiere of the first GEORG-Roll grinding machine highly impressed our guests.

Special events should be celebrated in a particular way: The guests of the customer day in Kreuztal witnessed for themselves first-hand the precision of our new, powerful equipment at the premiere of our first Roll grinding machine– the GEORG ultragrind.

“With the ultragrind, we have extended the future-oriented product portfolio for our customers“, emphasizes Reinhard Helmer, Managing Director GEORG machine tool division. There was a particularly positive response during the live presentation....

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Lamination cutting at highest speed: The new TBA400 highspeed

Technical innovation by GEORG transformer division impresses by its high output

Following the worldwide success of our TBA400 ecoline a further new development namely the highly efficient TBA400 highspeed line is available now for special applications.

Whereas the advantage of our TBA400 ecoline is primarily based on high quality lamination cutting  in an economic way, the new TBA400 highspeed impresses by highest output at high speed. More than 180 laminations can be produced per minute. For comparison: A TBA400 ecoline produces 42 sheets with 2 holes in the same time respectively 84 sheets...

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New high-speed slitter increases production efficiency at Delta-Stahl

Already since 2008 Delta-Stahl has been operating  its GEORG cut-to-length line with great success. Now a further GEORG-line, a high speed slitting line, has been invested to increase the production capacity of Delta Stahl, a steel service center belonging to KNAUF INTERFER group. The new  slitting line facilitates the processing of material strengths of up to 1.400 N/mm² ensuring best slitting and surface quality.

Automation and packing system

Besides production speeds of up to 400 m/min this modern line disposes of a high automation degree and various mechanical components, ensuring...

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SIEMENS Energy and GEORG machine tools division: A story of success continues

SIEMENS Energy / GEORG machine tools division

End of 2011 GEORG received two orders from the SIEMENS Energy Sector. These orders were placed for a Heavy Duty Lathe for machining generator rotors in Erfurt as well as for a Mobile Blading Lathe for manufacturing gas turbines in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. 

Ever since 1975 Siemens has trusted in our first class quality by ordering more than 30 machines for their plants all over the world. The latest machine to be commissioned was a 120 ton Turbine Lathe at the Mülheim facility in 2011. 

At the time being we are carrying out a complete...

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