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The Board

We are facing the change and its challenges also within the structure of our organization. By creating responsibilities and resources for every important strategical future issue across all divisions we ensure the success of tomorrow for the entire business group. 

Sales: Antonio Garcia
Finance: Christopher Buch
CEO/Strategy: Mark Georg
Technology: Dr.-Ing. Wieland Klein
Digitalization: Bernd Peter Schmidt

The Extended Board

The operative Managing Directors form the Extended Board. Our value-oriented, creative and competent working methods in every division lead to common business success. 

(f.l.t.r): Bernd Peter Schmidt (Managing Director Transformer Line Division), Thomas Kleb (Managing Director Corporate Service Division), Wilhelm Stahlschmidt (Managing Director Manufacturing Division), Mark Georg (CEO and Chairman of the Board), Christopher Buch (Managing Director Finance & Accounting), Antonio Garcia (Managing Director Finishing Line Division), Dr.-Ing. Wieland Klein (Managing Director Machine Tool Division)