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The best apprentice comes from GEORG

The joy was great when our former apprentices and now fresh made skilled professionals Florian Kamal (mechanic chip cutting machine tools), Nils G├╝hmann (industrial mechanic) and Robin Stein (industrial mechanic) received their excellent examination results. And, topped by our Stefen Heinbach who finished as best of all industrial mechanic apprentices within the Siegen Chamber of Commerce district. We congratulate all 4 GEORG talents for their superb results.

With great pleasure our CEO Mark Georg handed over their certificates during a common breakfast.  For their exceptional efforts during their apprenticeship they were awarded: besides a monetary premium they can spend 1 week in Great Britain visiting our subsidiary.

Many of our former apprentices could us the chance to gather international experience during their 3rd qualification year already. Together with an experienced service engineer theiy could take over responsibility at sites within Europe.
Now our 4 colleagues are ready to take their carreer chance at GEORG.