GEORG News en Copyright Sat, 07 Dec 2019 21:52:36 +0100 Sat, 07 Dec 2019 21:52:36 +0100 TYPO3 news-612 Mon, 02 Dec 2019 16:29:58 +0100 GEORG once again honoured for its efforts in climate protection Already for the second time in series GEORG has been awarded for its exemplary efforts in climate protection by councelor Andreas Müller.

Hees Bürowelt and KYOCERA honoured GEORG for using toners from climate neutral production. The CO2 amount arising by production and usage of toners  is neutralized by the climate protection projects of

One of  the numerous KYOCERA climate protection projects of myclimate supports the expansion of efficient and climate neutral cookers in rural areas of Siaya region in western Kenia. Even jobs are created by producing these cookers locally. Within the KYOCERA climate protection project already more than 59.000 efficient cookers have been installed.

This is not only a good contribution for the environment but also a sustainable support for the people in Siaya region: Thanks to the climate protection project the living conditions of more than 300.000 people could be improved.

“Responsible and sustainable acting represents a central element of GEORG’s company policy. This is why we feel honoured and proud by the award even more“ states Anna Schlabach, head of GEORG Academy, when she received the award on behalf of the company.

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news-607 Thu, 17 Oct 2019 09:32:24 +0200 The Digital Turn in the Machine Tool Market Today's machine tools are characterized by diverse and high-precision machining options for a wide variety of workpieces. Modern computer-controlled systems make this possible.

But the road is far from over. Digitalization is driving the development of machines and CNC control technology at an immense speed. It opens up many new possibilities to increase productivity and changes industrial production sustainably.

Two pioneers in exchange

What this means in concrete terms is told in the interview by two pioneers of the digital transformation of the machine tool:

Dr. Wieland Klein, CTO of Heinrich Georg GmbH


Dr. Wolfgang Heuring, CEO of Siemens Motion Control

Click here for the interview:

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news-562 Wed, 13 Mar 2019 08:47:05 +0100 High automatic stacking of distribution transformer cores – Ground for smart manufacturing The newly developed GEORG autostack 400 is an offline system for the automatic stacking of distribution transformer cores, developed within the cooperation between GEORG and GÜDEL.

This highly automated system is equipped with an interface to GEORG core cutting lines and an integrated data management for core production. The direct data transfer from the cutting line to the robot unit makes time-consuming manual processes redundant. By this data coupling, the new systems can be easily integrated into digitally networked environments and thus prepare the ground for industry 4.0 / IoT.

GEORG and GÜDEL are looking forward to continue their cooperation in the field of automatic core stacking by developing autostack systems for medium and large power transformers.

Product Portfolio:

autostack 400

  • Lamination width: 70 to 440 mm+
  • Lamination length (center line): up to 1750 mm
  • Stack height: max. 440 mm
  • Gantry type: fixed

autostack 600

  • Lamination width: 70 to 640 mm
  • Lamination length (center line): up to 3500 mm
  • Stack height: max. 640 mm
  • Gantry type: fixed / movable

autostack 1000

  • Lamination width: 100 to 1020 mm
  • Lamination length (center line): up to 5000 mm
  • Stack height: max. 1600 mm
  • Gantry type: fixed / movable
  • Core design: 2, 3, 4, and 5 leg cores (depending on type)



  • Processing of complete and half logs
  • Production of flat yokes
  • All types of step lap
  • Utilization of existing core stacking tables
  • Interface to GEORG core cutting lines
  • Data management for core production


  • High accurate stacking
  • 100% repeatable stacking quality
  • Adjustable gaps
  • Reduced mechanical stress
  • Reduced transformer losses
  • Labour cost savings
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news-557 Mon, 04 Mar 2019 09:28:23 +0100 Newly developed GEORG precisioncut TBA 400 robotline GEORG is proud to present its newly developed GEORG precisioncut TBA400 robotline. With this state-of-the-art Step Lap Lamination Cutting Line including fully automatic stacking feature GEORG provides an impressive proof of its readiness to tap the potentials of digitalization and smart manufactoring.

The GEORG robotline allows the automatic cutting and stacking of up to eight complete (closed) or open transformer cores simultaneously at a minimum manual workforce and is available in various levels of output – from basic version up to high speed configuration.

Features like the GEORG core editor aim for highest degree of automation in transformer core production and various logistic concepts support the downstream core handling process using for example driverless vehicles.

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news-523 Fri, 26 Oct 2018 16:06:43 +0200 From Machine Manufacturer to Process Optimizer On October 30, 2018 starts the GEORG Tech Fair 2018 on the GEORG campus in the digital valley in Kreuztal.

Companies get inspiration from experts for creative technological and economically viable solutions in coil processing and advanced mechanical processing. Networking included.

news-518 Wed, 29 Aug 2018 11:00:45 +0200 Cutting Line with a Perfect Finishing Touch Coopertion between GEORG and Decomecc

Decomecc located in Genk/Belgium is a well known specialist in finishing of products from rolled aluminum. Starting from aluminum coils the Belgium company produces blanks and shaped sheets in high precision. For company founder Lambert Gerkens highest quality is always the target and a wide range of international customers appreciates this. E.g. aluminum mills whose customers manufacture build-up structures for trucks as well as tanks and storage containers purchase wide and thick aluminum plates from Decomecc.  

Already early in the company’s history the cooperation with GEORG started. As a well-known manufacturer of cutting lines for wide material we could give useful information.  Reference lines had been engineered and delivered to China and Russia with width of up to 2.800mm.Together we developed the first cutting line on the market equipped with a crank shaft swing shear for material with minimum thickness of 0,5 mm and a width of 2.300 mm for precise cutting of critical surface material.

“Cutting line of Superlatives”

Driven by common experiences we decided in 2017 to design a new exclusive line for edge-trimming, high-precision levelling under highest tolerances, and precise, exact and careful cutting, stacking and packing of material exactly to customers’ orders. A high demand comes from the automotive sector. Sheet lengths of 8m and 2.300mm width are possible. The material thickness ranges between 0,5 mm and 4,5mm. There is also a demand to finish very even scratch and dustfree blanks for automotive as well. Such sheet surfaces can be covered with dry lubricants like drylube or hotmelt. Therefore the line drive rolls have special coatings and the leveller is equipped with several quick change cassettes. When designing a cutting line for a service center a fast automized production for proper material and flexible process chains even of small batches has to be considered.

The magazine International Aluminium Journal named this line “ A Cutting line of Superlatives”.  The GEORG line is located in a new built production hall which resembles a laboratory. To guarantee an absolute dustfree atmosphere the hall is set under overpressure and can only be accessed via pass-gates. The new line meets the requirements of the automotive industry. The leveller chosen is equipped with three different levelling cassettes instead of two normally in use. The third cassette with focus automotive is foreseen for levelling sheets with dry-lube and hot-melt coating within a thickness range of 0,8 – 2,5 mm.

The cutting shear has been designed as crankshaft swing shear with separated longitudinal and cutting stroke and enables cutting of rectangular and non-rectangular blanks. Even bow shapes and radial cuts are possible. Behind the cutting line a packing line has been arranged in order to stack the cut sheets automatically onto pallets. It only took a few weeks to bring the line into production mode for high grade blanks and today it runs at high capacity to the entire satisfaction of our customer.

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news-483 Mon, 09 Jul 2018 12:24:40 +0200 Aluminium Plate Milling Machine for Constellium Market with future potential: GEORG sells an additional Aluminium Plate Milling Machine

Kreuztal Mai 2018. Company Heinrich Georg signed the order for another project in the field of aluminium-plate machining.

The new milling machine type GEORG ultramill 2600 T will be delivered to leading Swiss aluminium producer Constellium during summer next year.

The main reason for the investment is the increase in production capacities due to rising demands in the market says Constellium.

For machining of the large aluminium plates GEORG is using a milling carriage with a maximum main drive power of 200 kW and a milling head of 2.500 mm diameter. Process reliability, quality and flexibility were the main issues for the decision and were without compromise for Constellium.

Beside the tremendous accuracy requirements which were set to the milling machine type ultramill, additionally GEORG owes the order to the high level of references in this market segment.  With this order GEORG delivers since 2014 already the fifth machine into the area of aluminium-plate manufacturing.

„Obviously we could convince the leading manufacturers with our machine and service concept about the productivity of the GEORG design” says Jan Ebener Head of Sales at GEORG´s machine tool division. “Especially the high precision Z-axis gives us an enormous advantage compared to our competitors” added Jan Ebener.

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news-476 Tue, 03 Jul 2018 16:28:21 +0200 Christian Halbe is new Head of Service Christian Halbe is our new Head of Service within the division of transformer lines. Mr. Halbe has been working at GEORG for 10 years. Now he will carry out the job of Johannes Lütticke who had been working at the GEORG company since 1978 and who went into his well-earned retirement this year.

We would like to express our warmest thanks to Mr. Lütticke for many years of good cooperation and wish his successor, Mr. Halbe, all the best and a lot of success for his new position.

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news-450 Fri, 27 Apr 2018 09:03:52 +0200 ABB and GEORG GEORG is proud of the great trust rendered by ABB

In many plants of ABB in various locations worldwide ABB has been operating GEORG core lamination cutting lines type TBA for decades. Now in recent years ABB has shown its continuous trust in GEORG by ordering a number of core cutting lines from GEORG of different types for various ABB plants in the world. This includes slitting lines for grain oriented electrical steel, core lamination cutting lines for the production of cores of electrical transformers and one ultracorrugation line for the production of corrugated fin walls, which are used at the tanks of distribution transformers to provide sufficient cooling.

Some of the lines have been delivered in the last 2 years and are already successfully in operation in the customers’ plants.

ABB is a major transformer manufacturer throughout the world and offers both liquid-filled and dry-type transformers as well as services for complete life-cycle support, including replacement parts and components.

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news-446 Fri, 02 Mar 2018 15:42:49 +0100 New GEORG representative in Turkey Mr. Serhat Tutal, the Sales Manager of Marke Elektronik as the new representative for GEORG transformer lines division in Turkey, just visited GEORG’s headquarters in Kreuztal, Germany, for a comprehensive technical product training.

Not only for the investment into a machine of the broad portfolio, which constitutes a far-reaching decision, but also during the entire life cycle an intensive and well-founded consultation to transformer manufacturers and core service centers is vital.

In the workshops several different machines, e.g. lamination cutting lines of different sizes and a slitting line, were available for live demonstrations, giving a vivid addition to the theoretical training contents.

“We are lucky that with Marke Elektronik we have engaged a well-connected, eager and technically versed new representative” says Alexander Tschoeltsch, Head of Sales, GEORG transformer lines..

“GEORG is a well-known and established brand with extensive customer base not only in Turkey and we look forward to work together with them for creating sustainable values for our customers” adds Serhat Tutal.

One of the next opportunities to meet GEORG transformer lines and Marke Elektronik will be at the Middle East Electricity exhibition in Dubai early March.

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news-440 Tue, 06 Feb 2018 12:02:23 +0100 Retrofit for Future Carl Krafft & Söhne

New investment or retrofit? Many producers raise this question during these days. For some of them in times of fast changing market situations an upgrade of existing machinery may present less risks than an investment in new machinery.

“Securing the machine’s functionality and spare parts availability represents a key issue when thinking about retrofit”, explains Jan Ebener, head of sales of GEORG machinetools. “However a sustainable decision between retrofit versus new investment must be regarded under various aspects and the individual circumstances and conditions of the customer have to be carefully considered.

For quite some time GEORG machinetools supports its customers in finding the right solution. And being advised by a supplier who can offer both possibilities an objective customer advice is granted.

Carl Krafft & Söhne took this advantage. At the occasion of EMO Hannover this customer who is specialized in the manufacture of rolls, rotation-symmetrical components and machinery parts placed his order for the modernization of his existing turning lathe.

The scope of supply includes besides the replacement of the electrical equipment a new machine control type SIEMENS 840 D Solution Line and a complete new carriage side with machine bed and machining carriage.  Finally Carl Krafft & Söhne will receive a strong fully operational turning lathe for turning diameters up to 3,000 mm, center length 15,000 mm suitable for workpiece weights up to 30 to.

“At the end it’ s always nice to see a competitive product on which we have put the stamp of GEORG’s quality”, says Jan Ebener. “Also on those of our competitors.”

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news-436 Mon, 04 Dec 2017 10:43:22 +0100 Inauguration of BILSTEIN COLD ROLLED STEEL The 21st September 2017 was a very special day for the BILSTEIN GROUP, because the opening of the new plant BILSTEIN COLD ROLLED STEEL in Bowling Green was celebrated. As representatives of the Georg company Mark Georg, Antonio Garcia, Dr. Carsten Preis and Axel Sturm joined the ceremony.

From this location BILSTEIN GROUP will supply the North American market with high-quality cold rolled steel.

Ground breaking of this new BILSTEIN GROUP facility took place at the end of 2015. Meanwhile the plant consisting of cold-rolling mill, batch annealing line and finishing area has been completed, the latter including a slitting line and coil packaging line of the Georg company in Kreuztal.

The celebration started with the welcome of the guests at 11:30 a.m. After the on-site visit to the plant and a common lunch the ceremony started. Besides the management of BILSTEIN GROUP, the staff involved in this project and suppliers and partners of BILSTEIN COLD ROLLED STEEL, the governor of Kentucky, Mr. Matt Bevin, was among the guests.

The ceremony ended with the cutting of the ribbon as a symbol for the inauguration of the plant.

The order for the slitting line and coil packaging line was already placed with Georg in April 2016. This slitting line has been manufactured for processing hard-rolled steel coils with a maximum yield limit of 1,200 N/mm2 and a weight of 32 t. Furthermore the line has been designed for 1,370 mm width and a maximum thickness of 5.0 mm with the possibility of processing up to 30 cuts. The maximum line speed is 400 m/min.

The processed steel material is mainly used in the automotive supply industry.

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news-420 Thu, 08 Jun 2017 17:16:46 +0200 Eisen & Stahl Service GmbH Mannheim: Entering Coil Slitting with a new GEORG Slitting Line 28.04.2017 Mannheim

The steel distributor Eisen & Stahl Service GmbH can look back to 35 years tradition and has now decided to enter into the coil slitting business with GEORG as consultant and supplier of their new slitting line.

Together with the Mannheim based company GEORG will develop a slitting line (1650 x 5 mm) for slitting up to 30 strands with highest precision. A maximum production speed of 400 m/min will be reached. Hereby the family run company will be well positioned for its future business.

Production start is scheduled to take place in September 2018.

GEORG is very happy about the placed order and thanks Eisen & Stahl very much for the confidence rendered.

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news-413 Fri, 02 Jun 2017 13:30:09 +0200 GEORG MINTkids now also in USA At GEORG in Kreuztal it has already become tradition to support the MINT (Mathematics, IT, Natural Sciences, Technology) program initiated by the educational ministry, local high schools and employer associations. Twice a year motivated young high school pupils visit our company during their winter and summer camp and receive guided company tours and technical and scientific lessons by our engineers in the GEORGacademy.

With pleasure we learn that our American daughter company GEORG Capco Inc. supports a local learning institution,”The Learning Barn”, as well. Here students from the middle and high schools can come during or after the normal school days to learn about industry and to hone the skills needed to advance in the future industries that are ecologically friendly. The skills learned there can very well impact their career paths.

One of these pupil groups called “Kid Winds” looks to the future of harvesting the wind energy source using their own turbine design. The pupils design, build and then present their turbine in local , state and national competitions GEORG Capco supported the team by donating some of the material needed to complete the final built product.

This year after winning the first place in the Virginia state competition the group qualified and even won the national prize in high school wind turbine competition in Anaheim, California. The happy and successful team members and some of their families returned home from Anaheim bringing the championship to Botetourt County.

Further information:

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news-408 Fri, 12 May 2017 15:47:54 +0200 Strategic cooperation between GEORG and Güdel Group Heinrich Georg Maschinenfabrik and Güdel Group AG concluded a cooperation agreement for the collaborative development of lines for the automatic stacking of transformer cores. GEORG brings in their know-how in the plant engineering field, Güdel the robot technique for the automatic stacking of the laminations. That way, systems are constructed in the future that speed up the production of transformers, reduce manual time and enable a higher production flexibility. Furthermore, the intensive data transfer prepares the ground for digitization.

GEORG is leading in the manufacture of production lines for the transformer industry and already has own automation solutions. However, for the manufacture of power and big distribution transformers of up to several hundred tons, many GEORG customer often still stack the individual laminations for the transformer cores manually which is very time consuming. The potential of modern handling systems and the networking of data often remains unused so far. Especially for offline systems, there are only few highly automated systems.

On the basis of their gantry robot, Güdel has already developed an automatic core stacking system for transformers in the 50 kg to 350 tons weight range which was put into operation at a leading European transformer manufacturer. The in-house manufactured gantry robots do not require any external centring units thanks to their high positioning accuracy and repeatability and thus reach significantly lower production times.

With their leading technologies, Güdel Group realises solutions for motion tasks in the individual automation. Martin Sträb, CEO of Güdel Group, emphasises “we will be able to work out even better automation solutions for the transformer industry together with our partner GEORG. The efficiency will be increased further and thereby also the satisfaction of our customers. I look forward to our collaborative work”.

GEORG brings in profound knowledge of the entire line technique in the transformer industry – from the decoiling of the strip from the coil over the cutting-to-length of the strip to the cutting of the laminations and the stacking of the cores. Güdel contributes the robot handling systems and the networking of the individual components among each other.

As there are several GEORG customers who cut ahead and stock laminations which they want to stack to a core with an offline system at a later stage, the focus for the first common projects will be the development of an offline system for the automatic stacking of transformer cores.

The laminations cut by the GEORG line and interim stored are picked up and stacked fully automatically by the Güdel robots. For the positioning, the robots achieve highest accuracies and beyond that accelerate the core stacking process significantly. The direct data transfer from the cutting line to the robot unit makes time-consuming manual processes redundant. By this data coupling, the new systems can be easily integrated into digitally networked environments and thus prepare the ground for digitization.

Bernd Peter Schmidt, Managing Director of the transformer business division at GEORG sees considerable benefits for his customers: “By the cooperation of our two companies – who both have an outstanding reputation in their respective field – we will deliver complete systems that make the stacking of the laminations much more effective. We make use of the vast experience and well-proven standard components of Güdel. This means for our customers: innovative and at the same time reliable technology with considerable cost advantages.”

Rocco Montalenti, General Manager Business Unit Technologies at Güdel relies on the market knowledge of GEORG: “For more than 30 years, GEORG manufactures transformer lines and has an impressive market share worldwide. The GEORG employees know the conditions in the transformer industry inside out. By this, we are able to elaborate single-source solutions together that are exactly adapted to the requirements of our common customers.” The cooperation is in accordance with the philosophy of both companies to offer optimal solutions for smooth transformer production processes.

Güdel Group AG

Güdel Group is manufacturer of high-precision machine components and supplier of intelligent automation solutions. The product range comprises linear guideways, racks, pinions and gears as well as linear and rotary axes and gantry robots. Güdel puts the products together to achieve systems with special control intelligence and complete lines which are used in the sectors automotive, tyres, metal, rail, intra logistics, pharmacy, renewable energies, wood and aerospace.

The Güdel technology stands out by innovation, quality and modularity. Güdel Group employs around 1.200 people at more than 30 locations worldwide. Since the foundation over 60 years ago, the group is family owned.

Güdel Group headquarters is in Switzerland.

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news-395 Mon, 20 Feb 2017 12:44:14 +0100 SIEMENS: “Sensitive giant with many talents“ Having a weight comparable to the Eiffel tower and dimensions of a coach:  We are talking about our turbine shaft machining center recently put into operation at SIEMENS Dynamowerk.  The weight of the colossus rises up to 11.000 tons including foundation. The length is 30 meters and its a multi-talent. The progressive machine does not only work with highest precision, it even combines 5 process steps into 1. The power pack is suitable for milling, grinding, turning and drilling – at a precision of 3 microns. In addition an automatic and simultaneous measuring of the workpiece is possible.

Joe Kaeser (Chairman of the Board ot Siemens AG) and Janina Kugel (Member of the Board of Siemens AG) were present during the inauguration ceremony of our GEORG ultraturnMC at Siemens Dynamowerk, Berlin. Our machine left a permanent impression being described as “sensitive giant with many talents” whilst the operators just call her “GEORG”. A nice compliment.

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news-389 Wed, 18 Jan 2017 16:58:46 +0100 From coil to finished core in one production step! Advance robot technology “Made by Georg” for manufacturing of high-quality transformer cores

Application of robot technology is seen as a prospective measure to sustain future strength in the highly competitive transformer manufacturing industry.

Following intensive technical exchange and mutual elaborations, the renowned Chinese first class transformer manufacturer DAQO Transformer Co. of Jiangsu in China is proudly going to count itself among the owners of a forward-looking machine concept “Made by Georg”. A delivery contract was recently signed in 2016.

In view to of the chances of the Government initiative “China 2025”, DAQO is striving towards successful future by application of advanced Georg-made robot technology for manufacturing of transformer cores.

The GEORGprecisioncut TBA400 robotline combines a high-performance cutting line with a fully automatic core assembly unit. Superseding the manual lamination placement and any handling of intermediate products, the cutting line directly delivers high-quality stacked cores (with or without inserted top yokes).

The ingenuous design of the core assembly unit provides the customers high flexibility and allows better workflows for the fitting of attachment parts with minimizing downtimes.

For meeting even highest requirements, our customers can chose between several options, like the output-boosting add-on for the punching unit and the modular assembly unit extension, by which up to eight cores can be produced in one lot.

For GEORG “forward-looking” is not only in relation to machine functionality. With solid engineering concepts, sustainable company management and effective service solutions also this customer will be relying on this machine in the long run.

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news-384 Thu, 05 Jan 2017 15:58:00 +0100 New GEORG Cut-to-Length Line takes-up production at Decomecc, Genk Our valued Belgium customer Decomecc has started production with his new GEORG cut-to-length line (2300 x 4,5 mm) for processing aluminium coils. The family owned company has been established in 1995 and has been quite successful in the sheet service sector so far. With the new line for aluminium the company has enlarged its product portfolio focusing on the growing sector for automotive blanks. Aluminium coils for this application field are treated with drylubes for subsequent deep-drawing processes. This necessitates that line components like transport rolls, leveler roll cassettes and stacking belts are specially designed e.g. with cleaning devices.

The crankshaft swing shear cuts rectangular as well as trapezoidal blanks with +/- 30°shearing angle; by means of a special arc shaped cutting tools even arc and radial cuts as shaped blanks can be performed.

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news-379 Tue, 06 Dec 2016 08:15:06 +0100 Impexmetal enhances production with a Cut-to-length line by GEORG Aluminium Konin

Impexmetal enhances production with a Cut-to-length line by GEORG

With the growing demand and usage of the versatile material aluminium effective and economic processing technologies are required. The company Aluminium Konin / Impexmetal has therefore foresightfully introduced an extensive investment program.

The fact that Aluminium Konin / Impexmetal rely on high-tech from Georg is not new. Already since 2005 a similar advanced cut-to-length line for aluminium has been operating with an impressive efficiency to the full satisfaction of the customer. This experience and the proven confidence in Georg technologies led to the final decision to purchase another Georg line.

At the beginning of October 2016 the new cut-to-length line started its efficient production of aluminium sheets, enabling the processing of strip widths between 600 and 1.250 mm at a maximum speed of 100 m/min. The separating length ranges from 400 mm to 2.500 mm; the stacking weight is 2 x 5.000 kg (max. 1.600 kg/m). The cut-to-length line is equipped with a double decoiler for holding coils on steel spools including coil feeding and infeed unit. Furthermore the Georg line provides an edge-trimming shear with scrap cutter in order to cut the aluminium strip to the requested length and for removal of the arising scrap. The line also includes a leveller for the production of flat strip material, a drum shear for the precise cutting to the required sheet length as well as an air cushion stacker for the accurate stacking of sheets with straight edges on pallets.

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news-374 Fri, 18 Nov 2016 10:06:04 +0100 University of Huddersfield and GEORG UK launches the centre of innovation in rail Railway test rig

Leading figures in the UK railway industry came to the University of Huddersfield to celebrate the completion of a multi-million pound test rig – the only one of its type in Europe – and the inauguration of a new group that will help to fast track innovations in railway technology. A Centre for Innovation in Rail has now been established as a distinct business unit within IRR. It is intended to help the supply chain to develop products, and act as a conduit between the university and small-to-medium sized businesses serving the rail sector.

The 150 tonne test rig enables a wide range of experiments to be conducted on full-size bogies using a pair of 2 000 mm diameter rollers that can be fitted with any type or profile of railhead. It will enable in-depth investigation of many issues surrounding the contact patch between wheel and rail.

The laboratory includes a six-axis hexapod motion platform and high performance computing system for big data analysis. However, its most impressive facility is a unique full-scale bogie rolling contact, adhesion and braking test rig. This has a 2-metre diameter rotating rail drum driven by a 0.5 MW hydraulic motor which can test a bogie at up to 125 mph and apply a braking torque of 110 kNm.

Installing the rig was a demanding project, requiring 95 piles to be sunk five metres in depth and a system of air springs to prevent excessive vibration.

Part of the rig is a dynamic test cell which can apply loads of upto 50 tonnes on the bogie or to any other component. Indeed, the rig’s first use will not use the roller. Instead the dynamic rig only will be used for accelerated fatigue testing of slab track. This will be subject to variable loads to simulate the passage of trains will be applied over a 30-day period.

The rig was designed and built by Heinrich Georg, which specialises in custom-built special purpose equipment.

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news-204 Tue, 02 Aug 2016 08:10:38 +0200 GEORG delivers third ultraturn MC With the currently predominant topic about complete machining of large and complex workpieces, Heinrich GEORG GmbH could demonstrate its technology leadership again. While some machine tool suppliers are trying to surpass each other with future superlatives in trade magazines, GEORG has already delivered machine number two and three of its ultraturn MC series to two customers in Eastern Europe some weeks ago.

“Superior workpieces between 10 and 250 tons of weight and 1.000 and 4.000 mm workpiece diameter is our focus.” mentioned Jan Ebener, Head of Sales at GEORG´s machine tool division. The first GEORG ultraturn MC, which is already in production at a SIEMENS facility in Berlin was the starting point for the technology-highlight from GEORG.

SIEMENS is one of the most important customers for GEORG. Since 2005 more than 10 large lathes were delivered to the Technology Group worldwide.

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news-175 Sun, 26 Jun 2016 20:35:33 +0200 Samuel submits order for Georg machinery in North America Samuel, Son and Co., Limited ("Samuel"), founded in 1855, is one of the largest and best-known companies in the North American metals industry. It operates a family-owned network of manufacturing, processing and distribution divisions across North America with over 40,000 customers. Samuel's metal service centers provide industry-leading distribution and just-in-time delivery of products, including carbon flat rolled and carbon plate, stainless steel and aluminum. Samuel's North American network is strengthened by an ongoing commitment to investing in state-of-the-art machinery and equipment. 

As such, Georg is pleased to announce that Samuel has selected Georg as an equipment supplier for a new Samuel Cut-to-Length Line. Georg would like to take the opportunity to thank Samuel for the confidence in Georg products and the opportunity to collaborate with a leader in North American service center operations. Samuel, Son and Co., Limited is based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. 

More information about the company can be obtained from their website:

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news-169 Wed, 25 May 2016 16:05:38 +0200 Apprenticeship at GEORG: Welcome to “Ausbildungsmesse /Career Days” Siegen Start in 2017 with apprenticeships, studies, careers – on 1st and 2nd June 2016 interested pupils, parents and teachers have the chance to inform personally about apprenticeship and educational programs for 2017 at GEORG’s exhibition stand. The event will take place in the big audience hall and the foyer of Siegerlandhalle, Siegen, and opens on both days between 1 to 6 p.m.

Our responsible colleagues and present apprentices look forward to meeting you and to answer your questions about apprenticeships, prerequisites, application methods and future perspectives.

You’ll never work alone. But always with the best.

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news-167 Thu, 28 Apr 2016 12:04:57 +0200 G-DAY at GEORG: Career day for future talents More than 80 pupils of Siegen F-J-M high school were guests of GEORG.  Various workshops inside the GEORGacademy gave opportunities to inform about technical and commercial job perspectives which a mechanical engineering company has to offer.

GEORG employees Jens Kördel, Tom Giebeler, Laura Jochum and Thomas Weber reported about personal experiences as machine building engineer, sales engineer, technical purchaser or marketing expert. Thomas Kleb gave insights into corporate culture, values and globalization of the GEORG group. All individual sessions generated interesting and lively discussions. A plant tour passing the departments mechanical assembly, training center lernwerk and assembly completed the 6 hours program.

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news-165 Tue, 19 Apr 2016 09:17:41 +0200 GEORG Partnership with CAPCO, Virginia/USA GEORG has taken over the majority of know-how, production program and employees of the renowned American machine builder Capco Machinery Systems, Inc. and transferred into a new company GEORG Capco Inc.

Capco is a well established and innovative family company that has been worldwide successful with its roll grinding machines in the medium segments and its sales and service divisions. The new company will create synergies from both portfolios and we can offer a much wider product range especially in the field of roll grinding.

GEORG CAPCO perfectly completes the long established US company GEORG Manufacturing Systems, Inc. and strengthens the presence of all three GEORG business units, i.e. transformer division, finishing lines and machine tools on the American market. GEORG is now able to offer an even faster presence at site for the north-american customers.

A further step has been completed in the consequent expansion of all production, sales and service offers of all GEORG business units with a permanent focus on the customers. The company highly esteems personal continuity: Beside the former Capco CEO, Edward E. West, an experienced team of Capco specialists will work hand in hand with the experts from GEORG.

For our customer many new possibilities will open up. But one will remain unchanged: You can always rely on the GEORG quality.

Further information?

Thomas Weber
Head of Customer Relations

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news-163 Fri, 15 Apr 2016 08:47:00 +0200 Heinrich Georg Maschinenfabrik delivers the fourth Roll Lathe to Trinec Last December, Heinrich Georg GmbH Maschinenfabrik received an order for the delivery of a roll lathe for up to 10 t of workpiece weight from Czech company Strojirny a Stavby Trinec, a.s. This is already the fourth machine ordered in Kreuztal by the subsidiary of Třinecké železárny a.s. since 1996.

The new Roll Lathe Type GEORG ultraturn 900 R will be used for new machining and finishing of profile rolls, by means of which Třinecké železárny mainly produces round profiles, flat sections, angle profiles as well as reinforcing steel for the construction industry.

The machine is designed for rolls with a diameter of up to 900 mm and a weight of up to 10 t and a center width of 2.500 mm. The tool holder in slide design with one tool slide ensures a safe transmission of highest cutting forces.

Already in 1996 and 2003 GEORG delivered two machines for workpiece weights of up to 40 t, in 2004 another machine for rolls up to 10 t. The new machine completes the roll workshop equipment, having four GEORG machines in operation in the future. The production capacity expansion makes this investment necessary. All four machines are fully hydrostatic guided, a concept which GEORG generally applies for all its roll lathes. The biggest machines of the ultraturn range can handle workpieces with weights of up to 300 t and more. The machine enables heavy roughing with high cutting parameters as well as finishing with highest demands on accuracies. In this way, the customer additionally saves time for workpieces setup.

In contrast to more simple linear-guided or slide guided machines there are almost no running costs for loss lubrication or guiding elements exchange as it is the case for hydrostatic guided machines. Furthermore, based on the design principle, these machines achieve the same accuracy as new machines, even after heavy use in a roll shop for decades. By receiving this order, Jan Ebener, Head of Sales for GEORG´s Machine Tool Division, believes the concept of hydrostatic guided machines to be proven:

"Besides the quality of our machines, our customers obviously also appreciate their efficiency. Thus, we have succeeded against strong domestic and foreign competitors. Lathes equipped with the hydrostatic and wear-free guideways are more expensive to purchase, but more efficient and economically over the years and decades."

GEORG will deliver the machine in autumn 2016.

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news-162 Fri, 11 Mar 2016 09:52:00 +0100 Now even available with E-stacking system: Efficient transformer lamination cutting line TBA300 miniline Advanced GEORG quality for step-lap cutting of core laminations at favourable total costs that pay back fast - that's now possible with our GEORG precisioncut TBA300 miniline.

As manifold demonstrated with the intelligent concept of the proven GEORG transformer lamination cutting lines type ecoline a high and fast ROI is reached thanks to precise and efficient standardization.

Our new core cutting line designed for a maximum strip width of 300 mm and a minimum strip width of 30 mm is equipped with a CNC-controlled V-notch adjustable in cross direction and one hole punch. The decision to use a swing shear instead of 2 fixed shears enables the cutting of sheets of minimum 200 mm length.

3 different stacking systems can be selected

The stacking systems are ready for the individual tasks in various versions.
3 systems are available for the GEORG precisioncut TBA300 miniline:

  • RS-stacker roof stacker (separation of the sheets by gravity)
  • PS/T-stacker for stacking at 2 levels with automatic stack shifting to operator side
  • fully automatic E-stacking system

This E-stacking system works with automatic multi axis pick and place units. These pick and place units are optimized in design for taking the cut laminations behind the shear with multi physical gripper systems for one or multi layers to be stacked to exact piles at the right position onto an optimized multi axis movable stacking table.

With the new GEORG precisioncut TBA300 miniline the transformer core producers can benefit from the application of advanced high-technology for sustainable and reliable results.

Should you have any questions or require more detailed information do not hesitate to contact us.

For more informations about our lamination cutting lines please visit our  GEORG precisioncut portfolio.

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news-159 Thu, 18 Feb 2016 17:10:27 +0100 The best apprentice comes from GEORG The joy was great when our former apprentices and now fresh made skilled professionals Florian Kamal (mechanic chip cutting machine tools), Nils Gühmann (industrial mechanic) and Robin Stein (industrial mechanic) received their excellent examination results. And, topped by our Stefen Heinbach who finished as best of all industrial mechanic apprentices within the Siegen Chamber of Commerce district. We congratulate all 4 GEORG talents for their superb results.

With great pleasure our CEO Mark Georg handed over their certificates during a common breakfast.  For their exceptional efforts during their apprenticeship they were awarded: besides a monetary premium they can spend 1 week in Great Britain visiting our subsidiary.

Many of our former apprentices could us the chance to gather international experience during their 3rd qualification year already. Together with an experienced service engineer theiy could take over responsibility at sites within Europe.
Now our 4 colleagues are ready to take their carreer chance at GEORG.

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news-157 Tue, 26 Jan 2016 11:49:00 +0100 Becker Aluminium Service GmbH: Investing in course setting GEORG Techology The recently founded Becker Aluminium Service GmbH trusts in proven GEORG quality and creativity.

Becker has selected GEORG as equipment supplier for its new business division. GEORG, renown and reliable supplier of finishing lines within the steel and aluminium industry, will engineer a new slitting line (2150 x 5 mm) and packaging line for this successful Northrhine-Westphalian company at Bönen.

The lines which will take-up operation in 2017 will be able to slit, oil and pack up to 50 mm aluminium strands precisely and carefully.

Becker Stahl being part of Klöckner Group will invest into a new service center for processing aluminium flat products for the automotive and metal using industry in Europe. “By the implement-ation of Becker Aluminium Service we will continue consequently our strategy to increase our turnover portion of higher value products and services. At the same time we expand the Becker product portfolio with a future oriented material for the automotive industry and can build-up on proven distribution relations”, explains Gisbert Rühl, chairman of the board of Klöckner & Co. SE.

GEORG is very happy about the new contract and thanks Becker for the again rendered confidence.

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news-155 Fri, 15 Jan 2016 11:08:00 +0100 One stack forward. GEORG precisionstack: Innovation creates more productivity

Manual core stacking was yesterday. Today GEORG offers a flexible automatic system to take over this task.

The advantages of the GEORG innovation:

  • Consistent high quality cores
  • Higher independency from manual labor
  • Reduction of processing time
  • Reduction of production costs
  • works independent from core lamination cutting line

Flexible system for individual solutions

The GEORG flexible automatic system operates with a core stacking table and works independently from a core lamination cutting line. We offer different system solutions depending on the customer’s product range:

Size rangeMax. lamination widthMax. lamination length
Distribution Transformers440 mm1700 mm
Medium Power Transformers650 mm3500 mm
Large Power Transformers1000 mm *6000 mm

* Split center leg stacking possible


Depending on the situation at the customer’s site the systems can work with either existing stacking tables or with new stacking tables, e.g. from GEORG.

The stacks do not need to be produced necessarily on GEORG core lamination cutting lines (TBA lines), although a GEORG line allows us to create transfer of data like lamination size data, stack height data and other core data directly from the GEORG cutting line to the GEORG automatic stacking system.

GEORG is already currently building one system to take transformer core laminations from stacks and stack them accurately to the desired positions.

More information?

Please contact us and let us discuss how our automated solution helps you to improve your core stacking process.

Alexander Tschoeltsch
Head of Sales
Transformer Division
+49 2732-779-248

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