Successful conclusion of a contract between ALFUN a.s. and GEORG finishing lines division

Successful conclusion of a contract between ALFUN a.s. and GEORG finishing lines division

The new ‘Hybride‘ Cut-to-length line combines the treatment of stainless steel as well as of aluminium coils for highest demands.

The first contacts between ALFUN a.s. and GEORG have already been established a few years ago. In the autumn of 2013 the GEORG finishing lines division received an inquiry from ALFUN for a cut-to-length line.

Initially ALFUN asked for a cut-to-length line of 1.600 mm width, but during the first technical discussions at site in Bruntal / Czech Republic they decided on a line of 2.000 mm width. This line should be designed to process both, aluminium and stainless steel.

The GEORG finishing lines division has recently manufactured two lines of a very similar design. In the beginning of October 2013 the responsible persons of ALFUN a.s. visited one of these reference lines at the company Sauter Edelstahl AG in Möhlin / Switzerland. They were deeply impressed of the Georg quality, especially of the produced sheet stacks with regard to flatness, cutting quality and stacking accuracy. 

A sensible combination for the future

GEORG is very glad to have reached an agreement with ALFUN a.s. concerning the new plant. Now, after having sold the third combined cut-to-length, GEORG is sure to have made the right step in the field of hybride line technology 3 years ago. 

The positive feedback as well as the good results of the GEORG lines in production have convinced ALFUN a.s. of this concept. Meanwhile, the efficient GEORG concept – to produce stainless steel and aluminium with one line – has successfully established itself in the market.

Technical parameters of the cut-to-length line for the combination of aluminium and stainless steel

The GEORG cut-to-length line has been designed for a strip width of 300 to 2.050 mm; the thicknesses of the aluminium and stainless steel strips are between 0,4 – 3 mm.

The coils with a weight of max. 30 tons are decoiled at a speed of up to 60 m/min, levelled, continuously cut to sheets with the eccentric shear and then stacked to sheet packages by the vacuum belt stacker.

Special features

In order to meet the requirements for the combination of stainless steel and aluminium the line offers some special characteristics. Besides a paper and foil unwinder in front of the cut-to-length shear a high-precision leveller in change cassette design has been provided. Two change cassettes are available. Thus, the large thickness range can be covered optimally and precisely levelled non-standard sheets can be produced.

For depositing the sensitive non-standard sheets a vacuum belt stacker with two combinable stacking positions is used. This stacker is characterized by its very silent operation mode and a smooth stacking of sheets at high accuracy. 

With this foresighted investment ALFUN a.s. focuses on advanced, innovative GEORG technologies, thus being able to optimally meet the challenges and the increased production of the new market trend also in the future.