One stack forward.

GEORG precisionstack: Innovation creates more productivity

Manual core stacking was yesterday. Today GEORG offers a flexible automatic system to take over this task.

The advantages of the GEORG innovation:

  • Consistent high quality cores
  • Higher independency from manual labor
  • Reduction of processing time
  • Reduction of production costs
  • works independent from core lamination cutting line

Flexible system for individual solutions

The GEORG flexible automatic system operates with a core stacking table and works independently from a core lamination cutting line. We offer different system solutions depending on the customer’s product range:

Size rangeMax. lamination widthMax. lamination length
Distribution Transformers440 mm1700 mm
Medium Power Transformers650 mm3500 mm
Large Power Transformers1000 mm *6000 mm

* Split center leg stacking possible


Depending on the situation at the customer’s site the systems can work with either existing stacking tables or with new stacking tables, e.g. from GEORG.

The stacks do not need to be produced necessarily on GEORG core lamination cutting lines (TBA lines), although a GEORG line allows us to create transfer of data like lamination size data, stack height data and other core data directly from the GEORG cutting line to the GEORG automatic stacking system.

GEORG is already currently building one system to take transformer core laminations from stacks and stack them accurately to the desired positions.

More information?

Please contact us and let us discuss how our automated solution helps you to improve your core stacking process.

Alexander Tschoeltsch
Head of Sales
Transformer Division
+49 2732-779-248