Now even available with E-stacking system: Efficient transformer lamination cutting line TBA300 miniline

Advanced GEORG quality for step-lap cutting of core laminations at favourable total costs that pay back fast - that's now possible with our GEORG precisioncut TBA300 miniline.

As manifold demonstrated with the intelligent concept of the proven GEORG transformer lamination cutting lines type ecoline a high and fast ROI is reached thanks to precise and efficient standardization.

Our new core cutting line designed for a maximum strip width of 300 mm and a minimum strip width of 30 mm is equipped with a CNC-controlled V-notch adjustable in cross direction and one hole punch. The decision to use a swing shear instead of 2 fixed shears enables the cutting of sheets of minimum 200 mm length.

3 different stacking systems can be selected

The stacking systems are ready for the individual tasks in various versions.
3 systems are available for the GEORG precisioncut TBA300 miniline:

  • RS-stacker roof stacker (separation of the sheets by gravity)
  • PS/T-stacker for stacking at 2 levels with automatic stack shifting to operator side
  • fully automatic E-stacking system

This E-stacking system works with automatic multi axis pick and place units. These pick and place units are optimized in design for taking the cut laminations behind the shear with multi physical gripper systems for one or multi layers to be stacked to exact piles at the right position onto an optimized multi axis movable stacking table.

With the new GEORG precisioncut TBA300 miniline the transformer core producers can benefit from the application of advanced high-technology for sustainable and reliable results.

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