Developed for future tasks: High performance leveler for hot-rolled plates in laser quality

GEORG finishing lines division supplies efficient solution for Tata Steel Service Centre UK

For laser welding processes blanks with minimum residual stresses are in demand. In order to meet these requirements GEORG finishing lines division and GEORG UK have now supplied an impressive high performance leveler for hot-rolled material for our customer Tata Steel Service Centre UK. Special attention was paid to the very rigid machine frame design to handle plasticity values of 80% of the blanks to be leveled. In order to reach leveling values in laser quality and a sustainable production of blanks the deflection of the machine base under highest load will be less than 0,2 mm.

This far advance machine concept allows the perfect handling of material widths between 1.000 to 2.000 mm and a strip thickness of 3 to 6 mm with yield limit of up to 600 N/mm². Hereby flatness values in laser quality are obtained with almost stress relief characteristics.

Mark Davenport, General Manager of Tata Steel Service Centre UK explains:” Our previous leveler could not fulfill these criteria of our customers for laser welding purposes and rejections were the result. We are now glad that with our new GEORG leveler we can effectively and economically increase our product quality.”

The service team from GEORG UK successfully integrated the new leveler into the existing cut-to-length line. After only 2 training days the first sellable blanks could be produced. Optimum flexibility is reached by the proven GEORG change-cassette type design in semi automatic version a per customer’s request. This far advanced solution will help our customer Tata Steel Service Centre UK in expanding their successful manufacturing performance.