GEORG autostack 400, driven by Güdel

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The newly developed GEORG autostack 400, driven by Güdel, is an offline system for the automatic stacking of distribution transformer cores.This highly automated system interfaces with GEORG core cutting lines and features an integrated data management system. The direct data transfer between the cutting line and the robot makes time-consuming manual process superfluous. Thanks to this data link, the new system can be easily integrated into the digital network of the production plant.



The GEORG autostack 400, driven by Güdel, is designed to work in combination with GEORG core stacking tables using pre-stack platforms on which stacks of previously cut core laminations are located. The laminations will be picked up by the handling systems with grippers according to the required stacking sequence and stacked on the automatic stacking station.

The design allows to move the table with the finished stacked core (in horizontal position) out of the unit and move another 2nd table in. This reduces non-productive times and allows customer to finalize the core (including secure tilting into vertical position) outside the autostack stacking unit.


Core design

3 legs

Sheet width range

70 to 440 mm

Length range

1000 to 1750 mm (centre line)

Stacking height

up to 440 mm

Strip thickness

0.23 – 0.35 mm

Required footprint

19 x 12 m

Extended warranty period

GEORG offers an extension of the warranty period from 24 to 36 months on the following basis:

  • 24 months on a parts and labour basis,
  • remaining 12 months on a parts only basis.

Service contract included

For the time of the warranty GEORG classiccare service contract is included while after that GEORG professionalcare for a contract period of 3 years is included free of charge. Beside many attractive feature GEORG professionalcare includes on-site service performance once a year. For more details please refer to the GEORGcare service contracts overview.


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