TBA cutting lines for transformer core laminations

GEORG precisioncut TBA

Cutting lines and stacking systems

The range of our worldwide leading GEORG TBA cutting lines is available for high level and medium requirements for power and distribution transformers. According to application range and needs various types are available and can tailored to the individual customer requirements.

The cutting lines can be completed by classic or highly automized stacking systems. E.g. with our GEORG robotline we offer an integrated fully automatic cutting and stacking solution for distribution transformers without any manual stacking. Our stacking product GEORG autostack represents a highly automized unmanned stacking solution offline.

Fully automized cutting and stacking systems

GEORG robotline

Machines of GEORG’s “precisioncut robotline” series cut transformer sheets and stack laminated cores by means of a robot in a fully automatic process. The machines can produce complete closed and open cores, with or without a top yoke.

Available in different power ratings, the machine series covers the full range of distribution transformers from 100 kVA to 15 MVA and up to 2,000 mm center length.

Advantages of GEORG’s “precisioncut robotline”

  • The line can run full speed 24/7
  • Low maintenance, high availability
  • 2 robots for high output
  • Low burr, low loss quality laminations
  • Highest lamination length accuracy
  • Careful processing of valuable strip material
  • 100 % support through our Life Cycle Quality Management


Strip width

Depending on machine type up to 440 mm

Sheet length

Depending on machine type up to 2,000 mm


240 m/min

New GEORG robotline 300

Strip width 40 to 300 mm 50 to 300 mm 50 to 440 mm
Length range 250 to 1250 mm 400 to 1700 mm 400 to 1700 (2000) mm
Shear 1 swing shear, electric 1 swing shear, electric 2 shears fixed at 45°/-45° (90°)


“With the same high stacking quality for which the TBA400 robotline is known  worldwide, the TBA300 robotline offers an economic alternative for cutting and stacking of smaller laminations. As both processes are combined in one and the same line the robot lines achieve short processing times and accordingly a high output. On top the robot doesn't know a daily condition, meaning it constantly performs every day with the same high precision.”

Alexander Tschoeltsch, GEORG transformer division

Fully automized stacking system

Besides the integrated fully automized cutting and stacking series GEORG robotline, also the unmaned stacking as offline solution is possible.

GEORG autostack

Classic cutting and stacking systems

From TBA 300 up to TBA1200

The product portfolio of the know classic series GEORG precisioncut TBA is available with its wide range of application for the distribution and power transformer market.

So we cover with our lines and systems almost every customer requirements - always meeting the highest  demand in quality and economy in every segment.

Advantages of GEORG TBA core cutting lines

  • High output/throughput by minimising tool times and high production speeds
  • exact sheet lengths and low burr cutting
  • expensive scrap minimised
  • electric operated shears and notches minimize maintenance work
  • Wide range of stacking systems
  • Highest reliability in core production


Strip width

Depending on machine type up to 1,250 mm

Sheet length

Depending on machine type up to 6,000 mm


up to 190 sheets per minute

Line speed

240 m/min

Sizes TBA300 to TBA1200

  • Fixed shear lines
  • Swing shear lines
  • Hole punch units
  • V-notch units
  • Slot punch units
  • Tip cutting shears
  • Various decoiler solutions
  • Longhole and slot punches

Stacker systems

  • roof stacker
  • Two level pneumatic stop stacker
  • Two level servo belt stacker
  • In line bridge type stacker
  • Fully automatic e stacker
  • Robot stacking systems for distribution transformer cores in TBA300 robotline and TBA400 robotline

Special type core production lines

Besides for standard applications we are also your partner when it comes to special tasks like cutting for amorphous cores, reactor cores or wound cores.Talk to us and profit from our experiences and knowhow as market leader.

See special type core production lines


“Today we no longer only supply individual machines. Instead, we work closely with the users of our machines in optimizing their complete process chains, in order for our customers – our partners – to achieve maximum profitability of their operations.”

Bernd Peter Schmidt, GEORG transformer division

Individual solutions in transformer production

Are you looking for special solutions or specific applications or processes? Our engineers and experts develop and optimize custom-tailored solutions for various lines and single components. Whether it is a new project or a modernization task – we are your partner.

See individual solutions


GEORG protectionworld

GEORG protectionworld Life Cycle Quality Management offers our customers an all-round care-free package for the total life cycle of their machine or line. Consequently the operating costs of our lines will be reduced significantly and your profits will increase.

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