Roll grinding machines

GEORG ultragrind

The world's most advanced machine control system.

All machines of the GEORG ultragrind series are equiped with the new GEORG smartcontrol and enter the next  step of digital transformation. Based on the world's most advanced machine control system SINUMERIK ONE GEORG has already implemented the digital twin in their roll grinding machines and thus offers best preconditions for considerable production gains of the customers.


GEORG ultragrind milling machines are suitable for manifold applications in roll grinding

Features of GEORG roll grinding machines

  • For steel, stainless steel, special steel, titanum, aluminum and copper production
  • For grinding of back-up, working and Sendzimir rolls, with or without chocks
  • Fully automatic grinding of any required shape
  • Using the digital twin based on the world's most advanced machine control system
  • For the application of CBN grinding media
  • Integrated 2-point measuring system
  • Roll shop management

The advantages of GEORG roll grinding machines

  • Increased machine productivity by optimization of programs and workflows
  • High efficiency and reduced set-up times
  • Improved services and reduced maintenance costs
  • Training on "real-vitual" machines in early development stage
  • Designed for Industry 4.0
  • Quality and production control in real time

Important parameters

  • Roll weight  0,1 - 300 to
  • Grinding diameter 50 - 2.500 mm
  • Roll length  400 x 15.000 mm
  • Grinding disc drive 20 - 180 kW

GEORG smartcontrol relies on the world's most advanced machine control system

Customer benefits

  • Training on the “real-virtual“ machine in an early level of development
  • Significant improvement in the field of service support
  • Increased machine productivity by optimizing the programs and workflows, a long time before the real machine is built

GEORG smartcontrol


“With the GEORG smartcontrol we use the world's most advanced machine control system. The interaction between the virtual and real machine offers our customers considerable gains in their production.”

Jan Ebener,  Head of Sales Machine Tools


Workpiece weight

max. 300 t

Roll diameter

max. 2,500 mm

Roll length

max. 15,000 mm


GEORG protectionworld

GEORG protectionworld Life Cycle Quality Management offers our customers an all-round care-free package for the total life cycle of their machine or line. Consequently the operating costs of our lines will be reduced significantly and your profits will increase.

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